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Zhuzhou will add 5 primary and secondary schools to develop the next fall enrollment ca1834

Zhuzhou city will add 5 primary and secondary schools to recruit students next fall next year, the original title: Zhuzhou city added 5 primary and secondary schools in November 1st, the reporter learned from the Municipal Education Department, primary school, He Jiaao primary school beauty pond brook, Feng Jing Yan middle school new campus brand school new campus construction is like a raging fire in China the second primary school junior high school, the city has attracted much attention has also been identified in the Wuhan Guangzhou Metro, start by the end of next year, enrollment. The beauty of the lotus primary school started construction in October 14th this year, to the autumn of 2017 enrollment. Hejiaao primary school Feng brook building started in November 27th last year, is expected to put into use in the autumn semester of 2017. The new campus has expanded the resources of compulsory education in Lusong District, so that more children of migrant workers to the nearest school; and the nearby Tan Jiaduan primary school, the resident population can meet the needs of school-age children. Jing Yan new school site started in October 20th last year, plans to put into use before 2017. The new campus plans to implement a fully closed boarding management, the use of 12 year system, junior high school planning is the teaching of the class, high school planning of the 24 classes, high school will adopt the international education. In August this year, Zhuzhou City 2 middle school, elementary school department has set up the Wuhan Guangzhou Metro, this year is expected to start construction by the end of next year, but enrollment for the community. After the completion of the new junior high school and primary school will be managed by the second Zhuzhou. Middle school is located in Wuhan Guangzhou Metro Li rain road and Shandong Road Interchange bogou northeast side, covers an area of about 91 acres, school size is 36 classes, a total investment of about 370 million; Primary School Department covers an area of about 45 acres, the size of 24 classes. (source: Zhuzhou daily Author: Cheng Jianmei)相关的主题文章:

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