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Zheng organized by the exchange of risk management work conference to strengthen communication and c popkart

Zheng organized by the exchange of risk management work conference to strengthen communication and coordination of the supervision of the Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag behind false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! To strengthen supervision and promote the standardized operation of the futures market cooperation Sina Financial News in order to further improve the market risk management level, strengthen risk exchange business person in charge of the control unit members, promote the steady and healthy development of the futures market. The day before, the Zhengzhou commodity exchange (hereinafter referred to as ZCE) held the "2016 Zhengzhou commodity exchange risk management exchange conference" in Zhengzhou, the chief risk officer more than 140 members of the unit attended the meeting. The meeting, ZCE on the current line of the market supervision and risk management situation, the relevant regulatory mechanism were informed and introduced some member of Futures Company risk management, asset management business of the main OTC options business risk and prevention of the content of the exchange of experience. At present, the domestic and international macroeconomic situation is complex, some commodity price volatility increases, the market transaction activity promotion. Market risk prevention and control of the situation is more complex, more difficult to promote the normative significance of the futures market is also more important." ZCE official said at the meeting, in accordance with the law "regulation, strict supervision and comprehensive supervision concept, held the purpose of this meeting is to promote the exchange between the members and members and members of the exchange, consensus, maintain a good market order, to further improve the market quality, for the real economy in the market use futures tools to create better conditions. The responsible person said, in the economic development of the new normal, the futures market to better serve the real economy, service supply side reforms, national service development strategy, the very important point is to have a "good price", the price should reflect the spot market supply, is the embodiment of industry operation the real situation, only such price can have guidance and reference for the real economy. To do this, the most important is that the market can not have price manipulation, not affected by human activity, we need to strengthen market supervision, standardize the market behavior, to maintain market "fair, open and fair", at the same time to strengthen the protection of investors, against all kinds of illegal transactions and fraud. To create better conditions and environment for the real economy use futures tools." The person in charge believes that only the smooth operation of the market norms, in order to promote the development of the industry to better serve the real economy. It also requires exchanges and membership units work together. The two member units should treat the standardized operation of the market and risk control, on the one hand is the angle of the development of the industry, the Futures Company to develop for a long time made a hundred years old, the most important is the operation of compliance, and establish a good reputation in the market, if a company breaches, occurrence of risk events, investors will lose trust and reputation are is the lifeline of the development of financial enterprises; on the other hand is a member of a professional point of view, is to directly face the front of the customer, the customer management, the best and most effective risk control theory相关的主题文章:

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