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Zhang Yongxiang won the Golden Horse Award for lifetime achievement award not written a really bad www.ggg258.com

Zhang Yongxiang won the Golden Horse Award for Lifetime Achievement Award: not written a really bad Sina entertainment news Beijing time on the evening of November 26, 2016, the fifty-third Taiwan film awards ceremony held in Taipei, Sina entertainment broadcast live. The famous writer Zhang Yongxiang was awarded the Golden Horse Award for lifetime achievement award. Li Hang Kevin Chu, the two old director helped each other on stage, will be the Golden Horse Award for Lifetime Achievement Award Zhang Yongxiang. Zhang Yongxiang has written more than and 120 screenplays, won five Golden Horse Award for Best Screenplay award, from 60s to 70s, "people" and "duck" to create a healthy start execution in autumn, realism, and co director Lee ushered in a golden age. Director Li said: "you should have won the lifetime achievement award, too late, but not too late, we are happy for you." Zhang Yongxiang’s speech is very excited: "I was the first to get the prize behind the scenes workers, there are many and I like the hard work behind the scenes, I hope this award after more support for these workers behind. Lee director and director Kevin Chu personally give the award to me, let me unforgettable. Director Edward Yang said, our life, to catch up with this unfortunate era. This is ironic, he means to be dissatisfied with this society, but born in this era. I was very lucky, I was born in a good time, 1965 "duck people" just released, the economic take-off, I wrote the script to write good human nature. I wrote 120 plays, it seems that they have not really written bad guys, because there are no bad guys in that era, not my script well written. Now that I am old, the Golden Horse Awards are young, bless you." (what Xiaoqin article) (commissioning editor: Camus)相关的主题文章:

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