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Zhang Qianyi 111 years after the imperial examination, we still think that degree is the only way ou alienware m17x

Zhang Qianyi: the waste for 111 years, we still believe that a degree is the only way to the beginning of the Tsinghua University "Tsinghua School", the Qing government set up the preparatory school for the United States in 1896, Chinese defeated Japan in the Sino Japanese War, which aroused the whole Chinese knowledge industry shock. Subsequently, the Qing government sent the first 13 students to study in Japan, two years later, sending students to Japan as the national policy, after ten years, there have been 8000 China students to study in Japan, many of them still study at their own expense. After Japan is America tide, tide, tide, tide in France the Soviet Union, during the first half of twentieth Century into the era of hot study. From 1896 to early 1950, hundreds of one hundred thousand students away from home, across the ocean. This study is to Chinese tide, a section of modern transformation of history, when a study in history, there is part of the political history, the late Qing and half, is a difficult fight for the nation, for the future of civilians. At China modern history, such as Cai Yuanpei, Lu Xun, Hu Shi, Tang Peisong, Lin Fengmian, Qian master, the key figure in promoting social transformation in the meeting of wind and clouds, almost all the students returned. A former editor of the press of Hongkong senior publisher, writer Zhang Qianyi, in a large number of historical data, collected nearly 300 participants in the historical memory, "the tide of studying abroad: turbulent times by the dream of youth" in the book, reproduction of the traditional Chinese to west of the tortuous history. Zhang Qianyi to China’s current craze for studying abroad, as a modern that has been interrupted by the continuation of the study abroad. Today, China has become the world’s largest output of students, the number of students studying in a year, more than half a century in modern times more than two or three times. This time combing the first half of twentieth Century to study abroad, you can control the situation of our education today. What kind of education makes students have to go abroad to study? The cost of studying abroad come from? How difficult to survive after going abroad? After returning to the way out where? The problems of these books are still so familiar today. At the end of this book, it laid the foundation of modern physics, Chinese Yan Jici 1924 letter in a few words: "I don’t want to send my future and their children to study abroad, because we should have Chinese school improvement as well as to them, so that they don’t think Xiang suffering from seasickness." Nearly a hundred years later, the number of sending their children to study abroad not only reduce, but showing a growing trend of younger age. Once a generation for children do not have school yuanduzhongyang dreams, if some day in the future will be achieved? After the imperial examination is no way, everyone is very anxious to find a way out, caused a large influx of foreign Chinese interface culture: the tide is beginning from the late Qing Dynasty, when the specific social changes how to trigger such a big tide of studying abroad? Zhang Qianyi: Chinese study started relatively late, Japan us relatively late, even in Turkey we also relatively late, why would we be late, why so late suddenly cause so many people to study abroad? One of the key factors is that we find ourselves unable to support the world. The gap is so large that it produces a very urgent desire.相关的主题文章:

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