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Yiyang seventy elderly bitten from the family from Herbal Compress renal failure (video) webquest

Yiyang seventy elderly bitten from the family from the Herbal Compress of renal failure in the original title: 70 year old man bitten from Herbal Compress renal failure Changsha evening news 71 year old Deng dad is from Anhua, a few days ago, Tanaka in his work, accidentally bitten by a venomous snake. It was not caused by his attention, telling his family to apply the herbs, who know Deng daddy’s right leg begins to swell, two days without urinating. Yesterday, accompanied by his family, Deng Diedie came to Hunan People’s Hospital of Tianxin District Court house. After the doctor’s diagnosis, because the snake bites, leading to renal failure, liver dysfunction. "Should be the snake bite." Zhang Xingwen, deputy director of the Department of emergency medicine, Hunan People’s Hospital, said, when Deng Diedie was sent, there are symptoms such as irritability, two days without urine, right lower limb swelling to the waist, snake venom led to multiple organ failure. As the snake venom is a mixture of poison, including blood and nerve toxicity, the current situation of the elderly is more serious. Zhang Xingwen warned that if bitten by a snake, do simple processing to the first time, will suck the venom or extrusion, wash the wound with tap water, disinfection of the wound dressing, proximal. Secondly, as soon as possible to send a hospital injection of serum, the best bite in 4 hours. (Changsha evening news reporter Tang Jiangpeng correspondent Liang Hui) video recommendation: 9 year old boy was bitten by a poisonous snake mother with a knife the disability insurance.相关的主题文章:

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