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Yangxin hall will be the first out of the Forbidden City Exhibition vstart

Yangxin temple will be out of the Forbidden City on display for the first time the author: Pu peak in June 11th, the the Imperial Palace Yangxin temple, the staff of cultural relics on the "invisible hand" from Chen’s east side hall in. Beijing News reporter Pu peak photo from September to the first Bo see more than 200 pieces of cultural relics exhibition hall of mental cultivation, until Ming Chun (reporter Wang Mengyao) in the Forbidden City is located in the Qing Dynasty on the west side of the rear palace, the supreme power center — Yangxin temple. Last December, Yangxin Temple started overhaul. Yangxin temple was closed to how to repair? Over the past six months how to repair it? Yesterday, the reporter learned from the the Imperial Palace Museum, subject research research Yangxin Temple restoration project started, 33 related project Yangxin hall will provide academic support for the theory of repair work. From the beginning of the Qing Dynasty emperor Yong Zheng, Yangxin temple is the 8 emperors living power, the existing 1890 types of indoor and outdoor furnishings, bronze, jade, porcelain, involving carpentry, painting and calligraphy, ancient books etc.. But for a long time, Yangxin temple area building not repair protection system, poor preservation of the status quo. In order to better repair Yangxin temple, in April this year, the the Imperial Palace Museum for the researchers to carry out the "Yangxin Temple research protection project project" to declare the work of the final 33 projects approved, Yangxin hall will be accompanied by study these edge repair. In the 33 project topics, some study on the court the relevant cultural relics display of the status quo, Buddhism and religious relics of Yangxin hall some, also associated with Yangxin Temple political, military and cultural event study etc.. The Imperial Palace museum director Shan Jixiang yesterday told reporters: "this is the biggest characteristic of all repairs are established on the basis of the research, and not as in the past, the repair plan after engineering department organization construction, project management is the project management, this is the only three departments, other departments have no access to. This time is open, all departments are involved in the study, and the results of feedback to the repair, so that the research process is more based on." Yangxin hall will be completed and open to the public in 2020, "this is not open before, before we open only to Yangxin hall 30%, will be open to 90%." Watch the first blog will display 200 pieces of cultural relics although Yangxin temple to visit the Imperial Palace Yangxin hall until 2020, but in the repair before the completion of Yangxin temple will change forms to meet the public, it will be out of the forbidden city. The Imperial Palace museum director Dan Jixiang told reporters, in order to make the repair process in Yangxin Temple people not far away from its culture, a series of communication will also increase, for example, to display at several venues, the first stop is the capital museum, the first Bo has a transparent chamber in the temporary exhibition hall, the middle part of the Yangxin Temple "pack", according to the original layout, very beautiful." In Yangxin Temple temporary home, there will be many cultural relics to meet with you? Reporters learned that the current design work is still in progress, can reach more than 200 pieces of cultural relics, the Capital Museum of Yangxin Temple exhibition from September this year until next spring. In addition to the capital museum, but also to Yangxin temple.相关的主题文章:

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