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Xu Meizhen borrowed 63 bar after Liu Biao Xiaoran caddy to dig the corner liuxiaobo

Xu Meizhen borrowed 63 bar after Liu Biao Xiaoran caddy to dig the corner Xu Meizhen Biao out Chong Hua Bin LPGA history the 63 lowest single round bar of sina sports news Beijing standard time on September 30th, Xu Meizhen Friday in the pine LPGA classic Chinese par 63, par 10. This is her personal lowest number, is also a record of the event. And all of this is made in the help of the Liu Xiaoran caddy. "You know, this week the player has a free room, I would share a house and Liu Xiaoran, but her home because something can not come," said Xu Meizhen, "so we have two rooms, a room can be assigned to our caddie. Liu Xiaoran caddy live in the room, but I am afraid that I can’t find the caddy house, if he is not found, this week will be a big trouble." Xu Meizhen therefore call Liu Xiaoran, asked her not to cooperate with her caddie Tom, because at that time, Tom has been on the plane, and her usual caddy Jack yet. Xu Meizhen got the permission to call Jack and tell them about it. Jack is obviously very generous: "maybe I can change my flight to Taiwan so you can work with Tom." Xu Meizhen first collaboration with Tom, the hit pole number so good, you’ll definitely want to make Meizhen will dig corner, Tom took over. Xu Meizhen did not have time to answer the question, but she gave a hint: "we are good friends……" (wind)相关的主题文章:

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