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Xianyang, a bus driver hit the gas station staff caused their ten disabled (video) oembios.bin

Xianyang, a bus driver beaten gas station employees caused the ten disabled bus driver gas station parking, and gas station staff altercation, a wounded others, at the end of the pay for their own impulse. Recently, Xianyang City Weicheng District Court of first instance to the crime of intentional injury, Yang Peng was sentenced to 10 months imprisonment, and compensation for the victims of Kong Sheng’s medical expenses 8685.08 yuan. The evening of June 28, 2016, Yang Peng driving the bus to the filling station filling gas, because it is not parked in accordance with the provisions of the bus special filling, gas station staff refused to drive the vehicle to drive the gas, then caused a quarrel with Yang Peng, Kong Sheng. In the course of the quarrel, Yang Peng picked up from the ground floor of the special parking space plastic brand, from the back to the right side of the waist to the injured Kong Sheng. After forensic identification, the right side of ninth ribs ribs fracture of the two, the degree of injury is a minor injury of grade two, grade ten disability. Another identified, Yang Peng paid the victim Kong Sheng medical expenses 2000 yuan. The court held that the defendant Yang Peng because of vehicle gas and other people quarrel, deliberately hurt others body, their behavior violated the right to health of others, constitute the crime of intentional injury. In accordance with the relevant provisions of the criminal law of the People’s Republic of China, the criminal procedure law of the People’s Republic of China, the people’s Republic of China Civil Procedure Law and other relevant provisions. (the parties are a pseudonym) Note: video only for extended reading. On the streets of Xi’an: the woman was beaten and abused by two women who said they had destroyed the family相关的主题文章:

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