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Xi’an, the elderly because of the bus crashed into the driver said the driver did not stomach stomac visualboyadvance

Xi’an old bus driver said pregnant belly shaking hit no responsibility in September 15, 2016, in Xi’an Changan hospital, lying on the bed of the white lady, think of the belly of the baby was born healthy, he could not stop the tears streaming down Xiaoyuan how did not expect this mid autumn festival, to lie on the bed in hospital has spent 9. Months pregnant her bed every day now rely on medication, but also to monitor the trend of the unborn baby. And all this is due to the impact of other passengers by bus…… The hospital diagnosis: the diagnosis of threatened premature labor need to take medicine tocolysis Xiaoyuan home garden area Wenjing road is 30 years old this year, she has been pregnant for 9 months. In the morning of September 13th, she accompanied her husband to Fengcheng hospital, normal pregnant, Xiaoyuan’s husband Mr. Xie said, after checking everything. At 11:30 in the morning, they take the 601 bus to return home from the hospital. Mr. Xie said that they have a seat on the bus. "My wife was sitting in the second seat behind the driver, and I was sitting next to the third seat." 11:40 or so, the bus to the post office to the station, up two elderly, a man and a woman. The car just started, shook a little, the old lady did not hold up, her whole body to my wife……" Mr. Xie said, because asking in Xiaoyuan’s feelings, ask each other to go to the hospital, said it was a blow to the. During the negotiation, the car has opened the Zaoyuan district station, he does not see the situation, stop the bus driver, quickly dialed 110 and 120 emergency call. Subsequently, Xiaoyuan was sent to Changan hospital. After a series of checks, was diagnosed as threatened preterm labor. Thank you for showing the Changan hospital on the afternoon of September 13th issued a diagnostic certificate shows that 36+2 weeks gestation ROA threatened premature delivery". And in the morning in Fengcheng Xiaoyuan hospital pregnancy test report shows that the check is in the normal state. Yesterday, Mr. Xie said: "the two or three day of the incident, whether it is the bus company, or a man didn’t come to see……" Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Changan hospital bed, Xiaoyuan speaking of this, tears. She said she was in the car on the one hand next to the armrest, another hand in the stomach with a. When the car starts, the old lady is first pressed against the elbow, and then the body." Right in front of her elbow to the rib position, body hit the stomach. "In addition to the stomach, is at the front right rib pain." Because pregnant women can not do CT examination, the doctor suggested that the first rib pain. The doctor told me to defend it, miscarriage, because the check found that children in various organs of the body are not mature, especially the lungs. After the collision of contractions is very strong, it feels like to be born……" In Xiaoyuan’s condition, the doctor said, Xiaoyuan temporarily stable, most afraid of is the occurrence of placental abruption, so we should closely observe the requirements of small yuan every day to stay in bed, eat regular tocolytic agents, early in the evening a few hours of fetal movement, with the corresponding examination and. Video display: Vehicle shaking hit the elderly pregnant belly of this emergency situation, let Xiaoyuan and his family had to spend the Mid Autumn Festival in the ward. Xiaoyuan’s sister came to Xi’an City Public Security Bureau.相关的主题文章:

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