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Xiamen guy from the sea fishing experts to explain the reason of Python www.k17.cc

Xiamen guy from the sea fishing experts to explain why Python snake bite the fish fish, shrimp, shrimp hiding in the hook. The day before the public, small Xu Hai caught a small fish, but it is this fish be struck dumb, and was caught a snake. The sea had the python? Small Xu said, his sea fishing wonderful not only this one. Last month, he caught a turtle in the sea in Brazil. Xiao Xu? In the sea to catch the snake. Little Xu caught a turtle in the sea of Brazil. Fishing on a boa?? 21, around 5 pm, small Xu Yanwu bridge down rod in the viewing table, a strange looking at the line. A rod, a line, a small fish out of the sea, but to his surprise, the fish tail hanging on a line". Pull up a look, he and friends look dumbfounded, the "line" is a one meter long snake, adult big toe coarse. That night, a small promise? With friends clutching the snake with the bag to the police station. I heard that the bag is a national protected animals, the police quickly called the forestry staff. Python? Unlikely to sea fishing? Snake master po said, python belongs to arboreal or aquatic snakes that live in tropical rain forests and subtropical moist forests, as generalist snakes. So, how the snake will go to sea fishing? I think it’s incredible. ? "there are waves of the sea, self-control python, basically impossible to catch the fish in the sea." He suspected a little fishing, the fish pulled ashore in the process, on the shore of play snake rushed to hit the fish, "the snake bite is to attack the opponent, the general upper body and head, rarely bite the tail part." So this sea fishing for snakes, but also a lack of a more convincing explanation. Sea fishing on a Brazil turtle? Small Xu said that his fishing out a lot of wonderful things. Last month, he was in the Pearl River Bay near the mouth of the drainage hole, fishing for a less than the palm of the Brazil turtle. He said, may be someone else’s pet, accidentally into the sewer, along the drain into the sea. Now, the Brazil turtle is still in his house.相关的主题文章:

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