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Wu kongzhuan next year where the author of the novel airborne screen writer – Beijing Caodao dxperience

"Wu kongzhuan" next year where the author of the novel airborne screen writer surgeon Beijing newspaper news (reporter Yin Xuesong) recently, the movie "Wu kongzhuan" fixed gear announced in July 13, 2017, the big screen. At the same time, the concern of the "Wu kongzhuan" cast is also the first exposure, Eddie Peng, Ni Ni, Shawn Yue, Ou Hao, Zheng Shuang, Joe starring Faye Yu fir, in particular. The most popular character "Wu" will be played by Eddie Peng. In the three edition of "eyes centering" released yesterday set file poster, three kinds of different attitude to a monkey in the "heaven and earth", re color the edges of the contrast in the classic lines of the original novel, highly infectious. "Wu kongzhuan" adapted from what is in writing and has a "network of the first book" the reputation of the novel of the same name. Since its publication in 2000, "Wu kongzhuan" with the original generations of youth. 17 years later, this classic IP will be landing screen, salute "Wukong fans tribute. The movie "Wu kongzhuan" behind the team also unprecedented: once directed "the west?" drop the article of the Hongkong Film Awards winner Guo Zijian served as the film director, fiction author and now where Guo Zijian personally penned the screenwriter, the perfect reproduction of the original "righteous spirit, no day". In addition, the film also hired domestic gold producer Huang Jianxin checks. For many people, "Wu kongzhuan" represents a kind of irreplaceable spiritual beliefs, especially in the book that "I want this day will not cover my eyes, to this again is not buried in my heart, to which all understand my meaning, to the Buddhas have vanished," became the declaration a generation of youth without any regrets, rebel.相关的主题文章:

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