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Women with knee osteoarthritis more than and 10 years to intercept a small piece of bone to protect www.66bobo.com

Women with knee osteoarthritis more than and 10 years to intercept a small piece of bone to protect the knee for severe osteoarthritis of the knee, the conventional surgical treatment is artificial knee replacement. Reporters learned yesterday from the Ningbo Provincial People’s Liberation Army 113rd hospital, the hospital successfully carried out a new knee protection treatment technology – high tibial osteotomy and internal fixation, has nearly 40 patients to keep the knee. Ms. Wang, 64 years old, suffering from osteoarthritis of the knee has more than ten years of history. When she was serious, she could not walk, every step of the knee is like a needle, almost completely lost the ability to walk. In accordance with the traditional treatment methods, such as Ms. Wang can only replace the knee joint. In the 113rd Hospital of PLA, the doctor used the high tibial osteotomy and internal fixation for her to keep her knees. During the operation, the doctor cut a 8 cm arc incision from the tibial tubercle of Ms. Wang, cut the tibia, corrected the knee varus deformity, and improved the function of the joint. Ms. Wang’s recovery after surgery is very good, a few days after the surgery can get out of bed exercise. Osteoarthritis, also known as osteoarthritis, degenerative arthritis, is a common disease in the elderly. The knee joint osteoarthritis and joint degeneration and other factors, the symptoms manifested as knee swelling, red stairs pain, walking pain, knee pain up Li line etc.. There are some patients with swelling, effusion, etc., if not treated in time, it will cause knee deformity, deformity. Lu Zhikai, director of the joint movement of the 113rd Hospital of PLA, said, this new technology does not implant artificial joint prosthesis for patients to keep the knee. In addition, the risk of surgery, difficulty, trauma are significantly lower than total knee arthroplasty, surgical incision is only about 10 cm, and postoperative recovery is also fast." Lu Zhikai introduction, to carry out this new knee surgery has been carried out high tibial osteotomy orthopedic fixation of nearly 40 units, have reached an ideal postoperative effect.相关的主题文章:

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