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Why is the Red Road in the mountains of practice field jkforum

Why is the Red Road in the mountains of practice field practice and why in the mountains, red is also Dao Wen Xing cloud master we study Buddhism through the universe, life and truth, truth made crystal clear, like the "heart" in the sense that, "no Guaai so, there is no terror, away from the dream, what nirvana." Really wise, is fearless, this time can really make their wisdom. Before that, the light we had was not revealed. Whether it is light or lotus, it is with such a shape to describe the energy of the heart. In fact, it is good to speak buddha. The real achievement, time to take up the place, and put it down, my heart will not be polluted. What is the net? Is clean, clean, no pollution. Buddha said, do not dye the net, no evil is called, not scattered. What is the mind? Where is the heart of thoughts. We study Buddhism, is to make yourself strong, confident. The real centrifugal is a brave heart, dare to face, dare to bear, nothing terrible. Our troubles from persistent, is not put down, do not know the cause and effect of reincarnation, why the Buddha has so much mercy, "no mercy"? Because he has wisdom. What is the wisdom of Buddha? Know the cause and effect of samsara, know all the fans. Why do all sentient beings? It’s because of the fans. In fact, reincarnation and nirvana, and Buddhism, the pure land, this man, like the back of the hand and the palm of the hand. The hand is a man over the palm of the hand is the buddha. Hand over hand is reincarnation, nirvana. This is the hand over hand, is pure land. To see why qianshouqianyan Guanyin Bodhisattva, all with one thousand eyes, with one thousand hands to save the living? This is the infinite compassion and mercy vows, removal of beings suffering, give all happiness. Sorrow is the extraction of pain, the grace is to give comfort, together with the heart of mercy. Why gymnosophist practice in the mountains of Hinayana? Because he can’t accept these things. He has compassion, but no heart so he did not dare to face infinite compassion and mercy. But Mahayana Mahayana is not the same, in practice in the world. Why is it called the Bodhisattva Mahasattva? Mahasattvas warriors in Tibet, the meaning of Buddha means "spiritual warriors", why is the warriors? Is dare to face. He has the heart to save his infinite compassion and mercy, of the people, to society, to face these non. Not to abandon these beings, otherwise it is not a warrior, not a Bodhisattva mahasattva. Stupid upside down is a kind of nature of all beings, sentient beings of benevolence, taken by all sentient beings, through skillful means, the soft soft, the hard hard. Why do we see the Buddha as silent and angry? That’s good coincidence! When you need to be tough, you need to be tough. When you need to be soft, you need to be soft. It is important to be clever and convenient. You can not always be soft, so that can not live; but if you have been hard, but also can not live. Therefore, through a variety of good to facilitate the convenience of living beings. Some people can be saved this present life, some people come.相关的主题文章:

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