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What’s going on Beckham was the eldest son of Broolyn Bibb and former girlfriend to travel at night jiuyaogan

What’s going on? Beckham was the eldest son of Broolyn Bibb and former girlfriend of great night travel and Sophia travel according to Taiwan media reports, the eldest son of Beckham Broolyn (Brooklyn Beckham) recently ended and the "super girl" Kolo · grace · Moritz (Chloe Moretz) after a brief romance, there had been two people to let fans are very complex. Look forward to, but it seems in the short term will not occur. Broolyn has been photographed with (Justin Bieber) former girlfriend ·, Richie (Sofia) late in the streets of met in Losangeles, attracted heated debate. 30 night Broolyn was photographed in the street in Losangeles together with Sophia, the woman walked side lovingly hangs up his arm, the relationship between the two seemingly very harmonious. But that night, Sophia who are still wearing her ex boyfriend Justin "Purpose" concert tour publicity, and Broolyn is wearing a white T-shirt and black jeans collocation, two people along the way, laughing and talking, talk very happy. Broolyn and Sophia were on their own in recent end a relationship, two people of similar age, and are born in performing family, similar to the background, so many fans are very happy to see that they can have further development.相关的主题文章:

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