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Washington – VIDEO -angelababy dress loose belly debut in Shanghai, said the confidence and prototyp barcarolle

Beijing – VIDEO -Angelababy loose clothing buldge debut in Shanghai and slightly similar confidence said Bei Angelababy prototype loose clothing buldge debut in Shanghai and said slightly similar confidence Bay prototype [comment] September 12th, artist Angelababy debut in Shanghai, attend a brand activities. Just returned from the TV series "reward" is not solitary Fang fixing her day to a new hair neat bang style appearance, let the audience eyes bright. [Angelababy] I want to break the habit is to cut hair, for many years did not cut his hair, because it has been in a different play. One into a cast, even with the play, you can not cut. Finally finished a three month long drama, now have time to do their own. [comment] before the TV version of "smile" very little hit, causing universal hot. As the movie version of "smile" in a very little bay who played Angelababy in the host asked whether life with this problem when the shell is tiny like laughing, in addition to the novel Bei Pico 34C hardbodies, their basic and prototype full close. [Angelababy] (artist): do you think you are like her in real life? Like playing games, like to eat, like a boy’s character, should also be like, in addition to the body is not like. [comment] in December 9th, Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy jointly attended the bazaar Charity Night activities, suspected belly slightly uplift. Earlier media reports also said that Angelababy will withdraw from the running brothers in the fifth quarter of the news. The Angelababy 12 in Shanghai, the appearance of the dress is quite casual loose, the abdomen is obvious uplift. Xu is worried about the media reporter asked about the problem of pregnancy, the day is not set up a rare interview with reporters. But when asked by the host and husband Huang Xiaoming how this problem, Angelababy is hard to show a lot of love. The same period [] (Angelababy (artist) and brother Xiaoming how recently? Very good, very harmonious, no fight, no quarrel. Did he dare to fight with you? That’s how it is. Reporter Xu Yinkang Yu Zhan Shanghai reported相关的主题文章:

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