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Wang Kai Railway press conference was praised by the director, the gift of heaven – Sohu Entertainme www.yantasy.com

"Wang Kai" is like "railway conference director God’s gift" – Wang Kai Fan Chuan’s Sohu Sohu entertainment entertainment news recently, by McIlroy film culture media Co. Ltd., Shanghai film (Group) Co., CO produced the film "Flying Tiger" railway held a press conference in Beijing, director Ding Sheng, starring Jackie Chan, Huang Zitao hand in hand Wang Kai, Wang, handsome appearance, etc.. Just launch in the TV series "if love" is a snail has strength Wang Kai re interpretation of the "tongue" role, also when a gunman came back, looking forward to the scene, he shared the ride after shooting train shooting?, laughs "ass gonethroughthe", but the director also called Wang Kai "God’s gift". Before the season after white Fan Chuan, Wang Kai interpretation of "tongue" sharpshooter with the TV series "if the launch snails have love", Wang Kai played high cold poison tongue Interpol captain bahls line, sought after. In the movie "the flying tiger", Wang Kai plays the boss Fan Chuan, but is actually a sharpshooter. Speaking of the role, Wang Kai said with a smile, his mouth is very bad, the old damage them too irregular". Director Ding Sheng said: "Wang Kai is God gave" Flying Tiger "railway gift was started, there are 20 days to shoot this role, not all candidates, before the vice director provided do not feel, but then I saw a photo immediately selected, he is, he has blue blood feeling". Wang Kai said the process is too fast, thanks to the director of the Taiai, can I join the crew is the biggest happiness. In fact, always want to brother cooperation, have seen a lot of drama director Ding Sheng, did not see the script did not hesitate to come". Shoot? Big things broke, Wang Kai riding worn mainly about the film. During the Anti Japanese War, the legendary story composed of railway workers and civilians the Flying Tigers defeated the Japanese skillfully. The actors also eat a lot of pain in the shooting, shooting the train ride after the play on the scene, the director said "at that time see photos of Wang Kai, that must not be able to ride a horse, saddle, even while riding a fire. In fact, the scene is very dangerous, was the first day of filming this field, "Jackie Chan joked" after the first day, if the fall can change ", attracted to the scene of a burst of laughter, recalled the shooting, Wang Kai said" riding the play, there is a detail that is running, the train’s cage fall, the horse frightened, fortunately stopped in time ", more laughs" riding one day ass gonethroughthe". The film on December 30, 2016 Lunar New Year stalls landing national cinema, and the audience.   相关的主题文章:

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