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Vocational school to the leadership of ” gifts ” pay attention to the degree of fate bree daniels

Occupation school to the leadership gifts " " stress level determines the fate of occupation school to school leadership skills, value is also school students’ skills, if there is one thing for high skill reflects the school leadership, the leadership must be willing to accept, can accept the. Think about it, if the leaders put this work in the office, the school brand is how much publicity. So, to the leadership to send the gift is not a trivial matter, is related to the school brand event, is the need for careful consideration of the school. In my opinion, there are several characteristics to the work or souvenir of the leader. Mechanical school can send exquisite mechanical work, light industry school can send fashion design works, national characteristics of the school can send National crafts…… In short, to the leadership of the souvenir to reflect the characteristics of the school, help leaders remember, contribute to the spread of the brand. Two is to reflect the theme of new technologies, new skills. For the occupation school, leading to fewer opportunities for modern occupation schools don’t have deep impression on new technology and skills but also a deep understanding of the principals must seize the opportunity, through the student productions, so that they understand the connotation of new technology and new skills. Three souvenirs to be creative. The revelation of the world skills competition is that our vocational school students’ skill level is not low, but the lack of creativity. Therefore, to the leadership of the souvenirs must be creative, can not let them feel that vocational school is to cultivate low-end labor. Four souvenirs can not be too high. Too expensive, but the leadership is not easy. To be small and delicate. Five is the best souvenir story. If you tell the leadership of this souvenir is a poor mountain son, is a former street loafer production, is a national champion skill production, is a technical school melted the college students, is a short-term training school of migrant workers making, leadership will accept, and leave a deep impression. So I said, principals, seriously pondering how to send it! School leadership to discuss occupation "gifts" of art here, actually is about how to better showcase the brand connotation and the occupation of the school, let more knowledgeable leadership to the overall development of national development, support more occupation education.相关的主题文章:

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