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Vanke clarify the bet on the door of the White Knight gradually away oboni

Vanke clarify on gambling "management of the white knight in 12, A shares gradually gone all day long" on the floor "background, shenzhenye A (000006.SZ), Tonge group (000090.SZ) and the Shenzhen City Metro Group (hereinafter referred to as" deep ") the asset securitization plan B related stocks is" lying to benefit ", early in the morning and rushed to the limit. This is all due to Vanke A (000002.SZ) than the Shenzhen Stock Exchange (hereinafter referred to as "the exchange") to clarify the announcement letter of inquiry to the morning line. Said the deep chairman Lin Maode 8 in city rail transit financing mechanism innovation seminar and a listed company "2 billion agreement on gambling, Vanke responded that" does not exist to reach agreement or any other form of arrangement or intention "," deep investment return assumption". Deep chairman Lin Maode Boland department can take Vanke? Xu Jiayin halfway blaze "trying to do? What is Huarun? In Vanke equity dispute into the silence of the occasion," gamble door "will appear again in the teeth of the storm to vanke. In fact, the Vanke held in August 17th to discuss the introduction of deep restructuring plan of the second meeting of the board of directors is still elusive, vote on the provisional shareholders meeting is postponed indefinitely. Although Zhu Xu Vanke secretaries 12 on the progress of cooperation between the two sides of the first financial reporter reply said "is still in negotiation, but from the deep is suddenly jumped out of a bet on" ideas ", and then rushed to clarify Vanke, both sides seem to have dubious". "Gamble" is the idea of "deep self according to the information disclosure of listed companies management approach", the information disclosure obligor shall be true, accurate, complete and timely disclosure of information, without false records, misleading statements or major omissions. In June 17th this year, Vanke released late deep will inject 45 billion 613 million yuan of assets has become the latest progress in one major shareholder of the reorganization of assets, there is no such "gamble" information. However, chairman Lin Maode has held a deep city rail traffic organization in September 8th the national development and Reform Commission financing mechanism innovation seminar said: "we all know that we are involved in a listed company, but also can not say, many people asked why I joined the first, I told it to bet, we take you about 2000000000 shares, must keep every year (per share) a piece of money to me, to give me 2 billion points per year, equivalent to the cash flow is very good. Second, it increased 100 times over the past 20 years, the next ten years to grow 1 times I earn 50 billion, an increase of 2 times I earn 100 billion, I have a loan repayment source." Although Lin Maode did not specify the name of the listed company, but as he said, we all know that the company is vanke. The Shenzhen Stock Exchange in September 10th issued a letter of inquiry, account for the specific content requirements of Vanke arrangement, including but not limited to a date, participants, content, purpose and effect of gambling on the company and the Metro Group reorganization. Vanke September 12th announcement to Shenzhen reply. Vanke Company insists, and deep.相关的主题文章:

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