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Uber bid farewell to the Chinese market countdown November 27th old version of service jodie foster

Uber Chinese countdown to November 27th market bid farewell to the old version to stop taking the Beijing daily news (reporter Sun Qixiang) in November 27th, the old version and step App will cease to provide comprehensive services in China, China entered the market for less than three years of Uber Chinese formal farewell. November 24th news shows that there are excellent step driver received a text message, said the original excellent driver has been upgraded to the driver of the excellent step driver side drops, drops, excellent step passenger orders can be sent, a single amount more. November 27th, the original excellent driver will stop the use of the client will be able to download the driver as soon as possible to optimize the driver drops. Another message is displayed, all Uber Chinese driver is being shifted to the driver drops on the platform, "by the end of this month, will be transferred". Drops in terms of travel, the driver can take the next step of the merits of the order, the same excellent step driver can also take orders to improve overall efficiency. Beijing Daily reporter learned that, at the end of 10 new passenger terminal yuho App officially launched, the product jointly built by yuho Chinese team and drops the product technical team, product join WeChat, QQ share and travel concessions, remind vehicle orders interface color, online information or voice communication, call the front display after discount price confirmation such drops are reflected in the style. Currently, the old version of the apple App mall Uber China App has been quietly off the assembly line. In August 1st this year, drops and excellent step to reach a strategic agreement, drops travel and Uber Global Shares will become a minority shareholder of each other. Uber will hold a 5.89% stake in the world, equivalent to the economic interests of the economy, the best of the rest of the Chinese shareholders of China will get a total of 2.3% of the economic interests of the 17.7%. At the same time, Uber founder and CEO miles journey will join the global board of directors. Uber founder Travis Karan Nick will also join the board of directors by travel. Drip trip, said the future will continue to maintain excellent brand and operational independence of china.相关的主题文章:

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