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U.S. media voice of America is going downhill was anti Communist Party mouthpiece-mmhouse

U.S. media: the voice of America is going downhill was anti Communist Party mouthpiece Reference News Network April 19th U.S. media reported that when David? He announced last week that he will resign from the VOA director positions, critics argue that this is the VOA?? this is responsible for government agencies in the United States to show the world view? The most? The new signs in turmoil. The "New York Times" website reported on April 15th, Ensor resigned a few weeks ago, supervisor Broadcasting Board of the voice of America’s first chief executive Andrew? He left this he did only 42 days post, instead playing for NBC Universal group. Members, foreign policy experts and former employees said, the United States need to fight foreign advanced propaganda on the occasion, the voice of America has been in a dilemma. The propaganda machine expanded the influence of Russia and China and Islamic state and other terrorist organizations. Washington James Don foundation President Glen? Howard said: "we are up by others. Countries like Russia (this) than we do well more, our international broadcasting is a mess." As a reporter, Ensor served in the national public radio news department, American Broadcasting Company and the cable news network (CNN). In 2011 he joined the voice of America, to change the voice of America is still stuck in the cold war period and mode of operation to create a first-class newsroom, some people imagine that it will be another government backed CNN. However, according to current and former officials of the interview and the government review report, budget cuts, questioned the mission of the institution and the Broadcasting Board of lax regulation, all this makes Ensor to overhaul the voice of America ". In addition, most of the programs on VOA by other government Broadcasting Company copy, such as Radio Free Europe?? free radio, thus wasting the voice of America could use the funds. Critics say the lack of funds is the voice of America prescription in the reports of sudden major news is very poor, but for Russia and other countries propaganda response speed even more. On Wednesday, the House Foreign Affairs Committee held a hearing on the Russian propaganda and effectively deal with the United States government difficulty. Some national policy experts and VOA’s manager said, the most important problem is that Congress and the White House for the role of the agency in the United States in public diplomacy is not clear positioning. A former member of the broadcasting management committee Enders said: "in the formulation of national interests and foreign policy strategy, the United States government and did not take into account international broadcasting. They are on the international broadcast lip service, that is not essential." The voice of America was founded in 1942, is a part of the military intelligence service, the main purpose is to counter the Nazi Germany and Japan’s propaganda. It is generally believed that the voice of America on the end of the cold war contributed, its main role is to provide unfiltered news and anti Communist propaganda to the Soviet Union and the Soviet Alliance in the territory of dissidents. But the agency has since been down 3 美媒:“美国之音”正走下坡路 曾是反共喉舌   参考消息网4月19日报道 美媒称,当戴维?恩索尔上周宣布他将辞去美国之音台长职务时,批评者认为,这是美国之音??这个负责向世界展示美国观点的政府机构??陷于动荡的最新迹象。   美国《纽约时报》网站4月15日报道,在恩索尔辞职数周前,美国之音的上级监管机构广播事业管理委员会的第一任首席执行官安德鲁?拉克离开了这个他只干了42天的岗位,转而效力于全国广播公司环球集团。   议员、外交政策专家和前员工说,时值美国需要对抗国外的先进宣传机器之际,美国之音却陷入了困境。这些宣传机器扩大了俄罗斯和中国等国家以及“伊斯兰国”等恐怖组织的影响。   华盛顿智库詹姆斯敦基金会会长格伦?霍华德说:“我们正在被别人痛扁。俄罗斯这样的国家(这方面)比我们干得出色多了,我们的国际广播简直是一团糟。”   作为记者,恩索尔曾效力于全国公共广播电台、美国广播公司新闻部和有线电视新闻网(CNN)。2011年他加入美国之音,受命改变美国之音还停留在冷战时期的运作方式并打造一流的新闻编辑部,一些人设想它会成为有政府撑腰的另一个CNN。   然而,对现任和前任官员的采访以及政府的大量审查报告显示,预算削减、对该机构使命的质疑以及广播事业管理委员会的疏于监管,这一切令恩索尔对彻底整顿美国之音有心无力。此外,美国之音的大部分节目被政府其他广播公司所复制,如自由欧洲电台??自由电台,从而浪费了美国之音本可以使用的资金。   批评者说,缺乏资金的结果是美国之音在报道突发性重大新闻方面时效很差,而对俄罗斯等国家的宣传攻势作出反应的速度甚至更加迟钝。周三,众议院外交委员会就俄罗斯宣传攻势和美国政府有效应对的难度举行听证会。   一些国家政策的专家和美国之音的管理者说,最重要的问题是,国会和白宫对于该机构在美国公共外交中的作用没有清晰的定位。   前广播事业管理委员会成员恩德斯说:“在制定关于国家利益与外交政策的战略时,美国政府的上上下下都没有把国际广播考虑在内。他们对国际广播口惠而实不至,认为是可有可无的东西。”   美国之音成立于1942年,是战时情报局的一部分,主要目的是反击纳粹德国和日本的宣传攻势。人们普遍认为,美国之音对结束冷战功不可没,其主要作用是向苏联和苏联盟国境内的持不同政见者提供未经过滤的新闻以及反共产主义宣传。   但是该机构从那时起就一直在走下坡路,在提供可信新闻与支持美国政策之间摇摆不定。2013年,时任国务卿的希拉里?克林顿说,广播事业管理委员会“就其向全球宣扬信息的能力而言已经名存实亡”。   在脸书和推特的时代,甚至有人对一年预算约2亿美元的美国之音存在的意义何在提出了质疑。   奥巴马政府的官员说,美国之音及其姊妹机构对美国的外交努力至关重要。   尽管如此,很多议员对此并不信服。众议院预算委员会建议减少对广播事业管理委员会及其下属机构的拨款,除非它做出“重大改革”。   众议院议员还打算重新引入一条立法,修改美国之音的宗旨,明确指出它在支持美国“外交政策”和反击其他国家宣传攻势方面的职责。   (原标题:美媒: “美国之音”曾是反共喉舌 如今走下坡路)   编辑:SN123相关的主题文章:

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