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Transformers 5 new film field to provoke controversy Churchill former residence changed Nazi strongh e3300

The "Transformers 5" film field according to the former residence of Churchill became controversial Nazi stronghold the highly anticipated sci-fi movie "Transformers 5: The Last Knight" recently still wildly beating gongs and drums in preparation. Up to now, the official did not disclose the specific plot. However, a group of the film studio users on the recent exposure of the photos has attracted huge controversy, according to the studio in the film crew in the prime minister Churchill’s Blenheim Palace plug on the two huge Nazi flag. Is this the rhythm of things? We are from London took the "Transformers 5" latest studio photos can be seen, the former British Prime Minister Churchill’s birthplace of Blenheim Palace has been hung up the Nazi Party emblem, and is also near the studio during World War II and the vehicle in a Nazi uniform swarm. The scene looks like Britain was occupied by the Nazis, or a member of the Nazi camp. This is also a lot of people are dissatisfied, a former British commander in Afghanistan told the "sun": "I know this is just a movie, but it is not respect for Churchill." Earlier, the "Transformers 5" exposed a lot of material, there is speculation about possible movie "King Arthur" story, but also the media analysis of the movie may be staged Optimus Prime and "Unicron" battle scenes. Today, the Nazi element added in, so that people can not figure out what Michael · shell gourd sell what medicine. However, there is a version of the story has not been confirmed online, perhaps to provide some ideas for fans. Outline mentioned, Optimus Prime will find his planet Cybertron, a dying planet, in this process, he found that he died from the parent star has not shirk the responsibility. He found a way to revive the planet, but before that, he needed to find a work of art. This work of art is still on the earth, but somehow linked to Merlin, the magician around king Arthur. Merlin’s power was given by Transformers, and he was thus connected to the work of art. If this is true, the Nazis may have something to do with the artwork. Prior to joining Anthony · the role of Hopki has been undecided, the film studio photos after exposure, there was speculation that Hopki’s is likely to be Churchill. "Transformers 5" will be released in North America in June 23, 2017. Click to download Tencent anime APP, see more popular anime相关的主题文章:

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