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Traffic police with cold water eating bread users have points like love www.11aabb.com

The police against the cold water and bread distressed users have points like this for two days, the people of Suqian in the WeChat circle of friends, a traffic police drink cold water and bread pictures quickly became popular, attracted the majority of people have forwarded and points like. The traffic police are also instantly known, his name is Shi Yichuan. Shi Yichuan said that this photo was taken on November 17th at 8 in the evening. The same day, he was on duty from 6:30 in the morning, has been stuck to more than 9 o’clock in the evening. Hunger and thirst, had to hide eating bread, who knows the people passing by shooting and uploading. In fact, such a situation already in their duty is homely food. Suqian city traffic police detachment of the two battalion of the third brigade police Shi Yichuan recalled that bread is the last night to eat the rest, because the morning did not have time to eat breakfast, so hungry when the first pad pad of bread. Subsequently, this photo was sent to the enthusiastic public circle of friends, I did not expect to attract such a strong response, we have forwarded point praise. Reporters contacted the photos on the photographer mr.. Enthusiastic people Yang said: see the traffic police brother himself a bread and drink cold water, because the weather was cold, warm heart. He said he stood here to persuade everyone civilization, I didn’t think a lot, a little moved to the circle of friends, more and more people warm." The 32 year old Shi Yichuan is Hebei Zhangjiakou people, engaged in police work in Suqian have been 8 years, due to the long-term high temperature in the outdoor sun, wind and rain, Shi Yichuan dark skin appears rough, because of the special nature of the work, can not eat on time, every time caught eating a few mouthfuls of bread or biscuits are often some things. In order to meet the Suqian to create a national civilized city inspection work, Shi Yichuan has lasted a week is sixteen day seven hours, the traffic police have to set the text so that to increase the work intensity, many people are very moved.相关的主题文章:

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