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Tianjin city civil flag inserted on the ground, parking spaces, the flag can not be self willed www.jlxw.cn

Tianjin Civil flag locked "flag cannot be accounted for parking" willful 9, people reflect that people will be multi-faceted as flag inserted in the flags to lock up roadside install anti-collision. The reporter interviewed found that the streets are also a lot of illegal suspension of the flag, I do not know, so self willed to fly the flag has violated the law. 20:10 on the 9 day, the reporter saw in the vicinity of Binhai Road Ziyun Spring Park District, a bottom installed to the Yellow Road, accounting for triangular lock. Each of the ground locks are marked with a flag, one of which has been tilted by the wind. Mr. Zhang said, these locks is a kindergarten Deshang installed on the road, in order to occupy the road to the parking position, because in the night lock place too black, had backed into the vehicle lock caused by car damage things, therefore, will be the main lock when the lock flag flags at the tip, to prevent another car hit the lock. During the day, the reporter in a restaurant in Nankai District show the cross road to see there were flags, the flag was upside down. Found in the Binhai New District of Tanggu Haihe River, a river management board suspended one side broken was missing the two stars and faded flag. The lawyer said, according to China’s "National Flag Law", no damaged defiled faded flag. The flag hanging upside down, cross or as flags or hanging flags and side by side, is illegal. In addition, the merchant does not belong to the provisions of the law in the daily national flag places, in addition to National Day, International Labour Day, new year’s day and Spring Festival, and major activities etc., should not be free to fly the national flag.相关的主题文章:

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