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Three disciplines and eight cautions for eating nuts sichen

Eat nuts three disciplines, eight note editor’s note: nuts are recognized healthy food, they mature in autumn, it can be said that autumn and winter season food. How to eat nuts healthy and safe is a compulsory course for everyone. The "three disciplines" and "eight attentions" specially summarized by the experts for the life times are the key points that everyone should keep in mind. The three main rules of discipline and discipline 1: never made a rancid smell can not eat. The capital health nutrition delicacy Institute executive president Wang Xufeng pointed out that the nuts are rich in unsaturated fatty acids, improper storage or storage for a long time, will produce the rancidity phenomenon, we often say "rancid taste". Nuts that not only taste difference, which products such as oil rancidity of small molecular aldehydes and ketones also threatens the health, after eating may cause nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea and other gastrointestinal symptoms, long-term consumption may also induce peptic ulcer and fatty liver disease. Discipline 2: eat the bitter mildew to gargle. Nuts are susceptible to aflatoxin contamination and mildew, resulting in a highly toxic substance aflatoxin. Therefore, moldy nuts must not eat, once found in the mouth of nuts have bitter, musty or pungent taste, quickly spit out and gargle in time. Discipline 3: do not buy Paraffin Wax beauty. If you see the shiny appearance of nuts, than ordinary nuts "beautiful", it is very likely to add wax. Businesses to waxing two reasons nuts, one is to make products more bright and better sell, and not easily tide soft, two is pent up, the color is not good, shoddy nuts "beauty". Industrial waxes used by traders often contain impurities such as heavy metals, which are harmful to health. The eight note heart note 1: diarrhea eat nuts. Beijing Chaoyang Hospital nutritionist Song Xin pointed out that the rich dietary fiber and grease in nuts can play the role of Runchang laxative, diarrhea symptoms and acute symptoms of digestive tract infection, should not eat nuts, so as not to aggravate the disease. Note 2: eat less baking nuts when lit up. Many nuts on the market are made by baking, stir frying and other methods, adding a large number of salt and other spices, which easily lead to oral and throat drying. In the emergence of sore throat, oral ulcers and other symptoms of fire, should eat less or do not eat baked, fried, fried nuts, so as not to aggravate throat discomfort. Notice that 3: doesn’t eat nuts before bedtime. Nuts are more greasy, eating will increase the burden of the digestive system, affect sleep. Therefore, try not to eat 1 hours before bedtime. Note 4: every day no more than a handful of. Nuts calories larger and higher fat content, if you have eaten more food, especially meat and so on, try not to eat nuts, otherwise it will lead to excessive intake of fat. Even if there is no other food intake, but also to avoid eating too much nuts a day not more than a handful of the best. Be careful not to eat nuts under 5:3 years old. Most nuts with large granular, not easy to chew a child, edible when possible because of cough, laugh to slip into the respiratory tract, cause severe shortness of breath, dyspnea and suffocation, death. Therefore, preschool children eat nuts food should be taken care of adults, especially under 3 years old children swallowing control ability is not yet mature, try not to eat. If you really want to eat, you’d better be strong.


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