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These 4 poems, Ye Jiaying, 93 years old poetry to explain this – Sohu Education xxjjyy.com

The 4 poems, 93 classical poems we like Ye Jiaying – education of classical poetry we explain the Sohu Mr. Ye Jiaying once said: " I was a more than and 90 year old man, had a love of poetry, recite poems in classical poetry teaching work also has seventy years. Classical poetry contains a sense of life to me touched and called. In this sense a hit, the accumulation of ancient great poets all mind, wisdom, character, ambition and accomplishment. " Mr. Ye Jiaying has experienced a lot of suffering and misfortune, but in the eyes of outsiders, she has maintained an optimistic, calm attitude, which has a great relationship with her love of classical poetry. Now some young people have being temporarily blinded by the short-sighted utilitarian and materialism, and can no longer understand poetry can enhance the quality of the mind of the function, which is naturally a very regrettable thing. Chinese tradition has always been " poetry teaches " said that she hoped that the beauty of rhythm in Chinese classical poetry can make more people get the nourishment of life. Sohu education "wisdom to see" selected Mr. Ye Jiaying in "to explain children’s poetry" in 4 poems to readers! Not the ancients on climbing in front of Chen Ziang, who could be seen. I think of heaven and earth, sorrowful and tears down alone. Ye Jiaying explained: Chen Ziang (661 – 702), the word Bo Yu, a poet of the Tang dynasty. This poem is very important in the Tang Dynasty poetry, the author Chen Ziang is also a very important position in the development of poetry in the Tang dynasty. The poetry of Tang Dynasty is the continuation of the southern and Northern Dynasties, song, Qi, Liang, Chen and Sui cause. China poetry in the southern and Northern Dynasties, mainly in the court’s creation, only pay attention to their beautiful appearance. When the Tang poetry has inherited the atmosphere. However, when the genre began to form a formal verse. Originally, China poetry no tonal rhyme. The northern and Southern Dynasties, many emperors, like the emperor, his life with the Thai Temple, Buddhist translated many Buddhist scriptures. There are Buddhist Chanting, some Sutra chanting perestroika, that are not in accordance with what it means to translate, but directly as it sounds to read. So, the earliest translation of Buddhist scriptures, attention. This is the four tone tune. The early period of the Tang Dynasty, including Shen?, song Zhiwen, and the poet Du Fu s grandfather, began writing a poem, but tonal very neat, although the content is still relatively vague. To Chen Ziang, in general, he opened a retro atmosphere. He then gave a man called Oriental Qiu wrote an article "preface" Xiuzhu he said, since the Six Dynasties, "Xing Ji all", is said to have about the ancient exquisite metaphor, sustenance, content, but since the southern and Northern Dynasties, is the "Caili competitive complex", the text part the content is very beautiful, and empty. In fact, Chen Ziang is most famous for writing a series of "Ganyu poem", which "has a late autumn wind born. As the year of China fall, Fang meaning into what actually "this verse. He paid attention to the meaning of poetry, there are sustenance. "The Ganyu poem" is Chinese ancient poetry, poetry相关的主题文章:

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