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There is a kind of love called Sun Li Deng Chao! The most romantic thing is to grow old with you (vi www.19ttt.com

There is a kind of love called Sun Li Deng Chao! The most romantic thing is to grow old together. [Abstract] Deng Chao and Sun Li marry you from acquaintance, love, along the way, 2 people each other’s best friend, also the most pro family, perhaps their love does not look special but full of ordinary couples with vigour and vitality, plain and pure emotion. Deng Chao and Sun Li February 2010 licensing, June 2011 wedding. The status of Deng Chao Sun Li face husband and wife "empress" home in the red carpet with a full Tencent entertainment news on September 24th news, according to Taiwan media news "cloud" reports, Sun Li in the "The Legend of Zhen Huan", "harem" Mi months pass in Taiwan awareness, from 2001 since the debut of the award-winning, critically acclaimed acting. But she is not in the brisk performance, in 2010 with actor Deng Chao married off topic in the entertainment circle, 2 people get married now for 6 years, has a son and daughter "and so on" and "flower", a family of 4 funny interactive, so many people began to wonder about the love and marriage of 2 people. Acquaintance – want to quietly look at her Deng Chao and Sun Li met in 2005 because the TV drama "cooperation" as well as the flowers, it is rumoured that when we met, have been in love with each other, at the time that the woman is very quiet, really good, "I think I love is so quiet on the feeling, every day I want to see her quietly; the same actor Wang Liyun later worked on the show broke the news, first is Deng Chao’s wishful thinking," later in the series of offensive, to capture beauty". Sun Li Deng Chao because "happiness like flowers" become attached to Sun Li’s first impression on Deng Chao is because of an accident with "the boy was a gentleman" idea, the other was obviously the red light was almost hit the car, get off but patiently to persuade the other side to speak the truth: "you this kind of car owners not, there will be life dangerous." After an accident with the car’s crew, the other passengers were also injured, even the most serious rib crack, the other saw her holding donation boxes in the crew put around fundraising, cash donated relief, "I think he is kind". This girl is good communication – Deng Chao and Sun Li went to Sanya in 2006 because the end photos of the public, the 2 love for formal exposure, 2 people didn’t want to come out in the open, things happen quite suddenly, finally decided to let it be, when love to stand in the sun, he was bold confession to her winning at an awards ceremony, in their own the most glorious moment, at the moment of joy to share with each other. 2 people in the last election in 2010 Deng Chao’s birthday in June 7, the wedding card. Sun Li and Deng Chao wedding photo on the card, according to media reports, Sun Li said a boyfriend must first let mother checks, Deng Chao recalled the first time and the sun mother met, feel a little nervous, because "their own good, to Sun Li or her mother must feel quite confident and grasp." to obtain quasi mother favor, is also very interesting Deng mother love Sun Li, and in 2 people before watching TV because of love this girl, "think of the girl". I will take good care of your marriage – Deng Chao and Sun Li in 2010 2011 to license, go through the wedding, female.相关的主题文章:

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