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The wife son up, cook, like Lee Hom you deserve k-boxing

The wife son up, cook, so Lee Hom, you deserve to have the original title: cheer Lee Hom personally cook Lee Hom Sina entertainment news September 9th morning Mrs. Lee Hom for children, [micro-blog] drying out a photo of yourself is cooking in micro-blog. In the photo, Lee Hom is lowering his head to deal with some of the vegetables. Lee Hom explained that this is his first day with maternity leave, his wife in order to do healthy food. "I only beside to cheer you, out of a force." Finally, do not forget the naughty asked: "hungry?" "A man can’t have a baby," she said!" Lee Hom emotion in micro-blog’s wife is not easy. The move by netizens praised: "elder brother is really good at home, a good man is you." But there are sharp eyed Netizens found that Lee Hom is not used when cutting cutting boards, but a flip of the drawer, have started to laugh: "your home is chopping drawer" brother, you can not find the drawer so chopping down with?" (Intern Rebecca Wen) more exciting content please pay attention to Sina micro-blog (female)相关的主题文章:

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