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The UK Championship Game Analysis don Custer – the main Sohu fully trusted queer as folk

The UK Championship Game Analysis: don Custer – the main Sohu fully trusted UK Championship: don Custer VS Port Vale game time: 2016 11.09 03:45 asian handicap: 0.80 Wednesday don Custer 0 Port Vale 1.11 index: 2.45 3.30 2.90 European Prospective events: Wednesday morning UK Championship troops to meet you again, don Custer in recent years not, this season only started in the second division. The team’s recent state is not ideal, the FA Cup was eliminated. The league has also been numerous rounds, the last 3 teams defense has been ringing off the hook, team to rebound in the British Championships I am afraid is not easy. And the last 4 against Port Vale, the team is losing in the end, it is not difficult to see that the opponent is indeed their nemesis. At the Hong Kong Football League ranked 11, this season is only general, also not too bright at all. The team in the last FA Cup win clearance, finally stopped the recent downturn. Now they are 3 points in the group stage of the tournament ranked second, this game will determine the fate of the team dialogue. Analysis of ball handicap: the game for the disc open deuce data, the Custer of the Tang Dynasty in low water, due to the low Division League, and the recent confrontation of poor data does not make the ball, but the water level is at a low discount, I think, since the Thangka out in the FA cup, the team will definitely want to go farther in the UK Championship, the game the home team win. Color recommended: 3 Asian plate recommendation: Tang Custer (0)相关的主题文章:

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