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The purchase of Ji’nan rules since October 3rd this net pause www.huangse.com

The purchase of Ji’nan rules since October 3rd today signed suspend Festival, Real Estate Hotel 8 zero line up for business, the purchase of Ji’nan rules promulgated. Whether the property buyers purchase, with net signed contract, contract signing time in October 3, 2016 before midnight, not limited purchase policy restrictions. If buyers in the purchase of the policy 2 days ago to buy the house, but on the 3 day after the network signed zero, the corresponding development of enterprises to the housing sector for the purchase of the qualification for the identification, if you do not meet the purchase requirements, to handle network signed in October 14th before the revocation. Due to the purchase of information query system is upgrading test, immediately suspend real estate network. Ji’nan property market in September 28th – heavy economic eight "introduction, improve the land bidding deposit, shorten the transfer price paid time – October 1st two enterprises illegal speculation driving up prices checked – October 2nd restart purchase limited credit policy, raising Shoufu ratio, non city household registration restriction of a October 3rd, extremely high prices of illegal investigation October 4th – strictly controlling the withdrawal of net signed, make the difference not real – the early morning of October 8th purchase of the details in Changqing has 3 suites to purchase Association pointed out that since October 3, 2016, the city residence households in the city within the housing has 3 sets (including the purchase, the spouse and minor children. The same below), suspended in some areas of the city (including Lixia District, central city, Huaiyin District, Flyover District, Licheng District, high tech Zone, the same below) the sale of housing (including new housing and second-hand housing, the same below). Non housing non city registered permanent residence in this part of the city to purchase a home. The city’s household household, refers to the city and the city of three counties and one city residents of the household registration (including part of the family members of the city’s residents of the household). This city has a range of housing, including in Lixia District, central city, Huaiyin District, Flyover District, Licheng District, Changqing district and Ji’nan high-tech area owned housing units. In other words, the purchase of property buyers do not purchase the Changqing District, but in the calculation of housing conditions, the Changqing district house to participate in accounting. Ji’nan construction department concerned explained that housing, planning for residential use, residential apartments. A suite of share by a suite of family owned housing units, to purchase new households in urban areas in the city for new commercial housing contract online, real estate registration, housing reform and procedures for the purchase of second-hand housing contract online housing units for quasi. During the purchase, the purchase of people in the purchase of housing, the family members should submit proof of identity, proof of residence, marriage certificate and a copy of the original. Property buyers should truthfully fill in the purchase and family members of the declaration form, and signed the purchase commitment. Ji’nan Construction Department explained that the marriage certificate provided by the purchase, including marriage certificate, divorce certificate or other valid marriage certificate. Proof of residence booklet, refers to the public security department or by Shandong Gongtong [2016]175]相关的主题文章:

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