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"The public judges Award" meaning where? [Abstract] but also to be vigilant, the public judges did not play a real effect, or simply when the human flesh background, so that the public judges do not. JINGWAH times September 26th hearing the twenty-fifth Chinese Film Festival awarded eight awards, there is convincing, some people questioned the festival is more than the previous some attention. In the voices of doubt, a "public judges" section, including the comparison of representative problems: network voting is how to vote out, 101 to the public judges site is selected, why Tangshan public judges will have 25? First of all, the question shows that people are concerned about the festival, when a film festival can not even challenge the voice of the harvest, that it has no appeal. But this time for questioning the "public judges", it is hard to find a can let everyone think reasonable answers, "the public judges" in the game, film and television variety awards, in fact, has been a relatively vague. The film festival is eligible to play the "public judges" brand, founded in 1962, its biggest feature is the Audience Award, one vote out, also known as the audience award. The award by the then largest circulation of "popular film" magazine on specific operation award, awards, with the votes of the "popular film" magazine has become popular, competing for readers in the eyes of good films and actors to vote. It is because of fully reflects the voice from the audience, the award was flourishing for many years. With the expert award called the Golden Rooster Award after the merger, the film festival awards, largely a continuation of the traditional award, such as still in the magazine printed from the middle of the audience vote, still choose 101 judges. In the Internet era, avoid network voting, then, the organizing committee also conform to the trend of the times, open up online voting channel, it is reported that this year the film festival network channel voting reached more than 2000 votes, plus more than 680 paper vote, vote in total, the record of the festival. Why such a large audience vote, the election results will still have a lot of criticism? Where is the film aesthetic level of the public judges? Such questions are asked to go out, it will be very empty, many voices together in public, and a variety of opinions are sometimes, the final result will inevitably lead to controversy. Some people think, William Feng, Li Yifeng, Angela Baby wins, largely because of their fans, but the voting enthusiasm is high, so although not satisfied with winning results, but in the film festival selection rules, the three winner in logic. So, the film festival dispute, contradiction from professional perspective and audience awards of natural existence. The most important thing to understand is the meaning of the "public judges"? The popular film awards to determine how one can let participants and onlookers feel impeccable results? The award is the earliest use of the judges of the public awards, and early use public judges the largest awards. Not so busy in the hundred flowers award.相关的主题文章:

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