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The power of the news media manipulation – media – from the Watergate people.com.cn reported kkxxse.com

The power of the news media manipulation – media – people.com.cn sources from the "Watergate" reported: "Western Journal" in 2016 8 Abstract: has been defined as "three theft" of the "Watergate" finally founded the president of the United States was forced to relinquish the precedent, but this is not only because of "Washington Post" the follow-up reports, with the important factors to analyze the implicit and the United States, the eastern and Western power group struggle and extensive participation of the United States of the relevant authority, is a powerful mix of the three, which makes the Watergate case. Keywords: Watergate; news media; establishment; classification authority: G219.3 document code: A article number: CN61-1487- (2016) broke out to make the United States President Nixon was forced to resign the political scandal 08-2-0062-02 June 17, 1972, namely "watergate". Although Nixon and the Republican leadership has repeatedly denied the existence of "eavesdropping" Democratic campaign insider behavior, but through the "Washington Post" reporter Bob? Woodward and Carle? Bernstein’s tireless tracking reports, finally in August 8, 1974 this event happened in front of the world. It can be said that this "come home shorn" behavior deeply stir in the United States and the world. The disclosure and development of this event depends on the United States news media, especially the Washington Post, the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States and the judiciary. First, the news media to stimulate the media, is not only an important channel for the release of relevant information, but also an important channel for the public to get the latest reports, it is the center of communication between the government and the public. In other words, the media has the characteristics of initiative and timeliness. Initiative, any event horizon must be in place before the good news media will generally hold clues, this also means that the staff of the news media or the agency will take the initiative to tap the events behind the insider. Steele Sen? Hutchins was founded in 1870s in the United States the most characteristic newspaper, "Washington Post", 1933, Eugene Meyer? Be bought and developed several guiding principles: the primary mission of a newspaper is to report the facts can be confirmed by the truth; newspapers should be all about the American and world events the truth of the report could find; for dissemination of information, the newspaper should abide by following the general etiquette gentleman. Eugene [1]6? Catherine Meyer female Graham in twentieth Century? In the late development of the newspaper to a historic peak, "" Washington Post "has become a good newspaper, which has been the most outstanding journalist and respect the good sense of the recognized occupation publisher." [2]348 therefore, due to the Washington Post has a profound historical background, which will inevitably increase the initiative of its mining news. In terms of timeliness, the news is the "report on the recent occurrence of the facts," which will highlight the timeliness characteristics,相关的主题文章:

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