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The new movie Chinese living encyclopedia Hu Chang died at the age of 83 – Entertainment Sohu pullip

"The new movie Chinese living encyclopedia" Hu Chang died at the age of 83 –   entertainment Sohu; "new Chinese movie live encyclopedia" Hu Chang died   the Sohu micro-blog Changying group entertainment news in September 12th, according to the official micro-blog Changying group news release, September 12, 2016 2 am, the famous film historian Hu Chang in Changchun died at the age of 83. Hu Chang, known as the "new Chinese movie live encyclopedia". In September 12, 2016, micro-blog group projected at 2 in the morning, the famous film historian Hu Chang in Changchun died at the age of 83. Mr. Hu Chang joined the revolution in 1951, 1961 in Changchun, served as party secretary, director of the office of the deputy director, research director, director of the office of film history, the history of "new film Chinese monograph" cradle "Manchuria reflects — policy aspects", edited the film "Yi Dong Ying" Changchun "Zhi Zhi", the movie? On the "film history on" 12 books are treasures Chinese film historiography. 1999 full reflection by the Japanese press published in the same name of the Japanese version of Pandora. Life writing up, half write history for Chinese film achievements; a world fame, dedicated to film master biography, Gan Zi niu! Hu old farewell ceremony is scheduled for September 14th 7 in Chaoyang Dong funeral hall, through the ages!相关的主题文章:

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