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The national highway 105 truck van collided van driver died – Jiangxi Channel – people.com.cn coscoqd

The national highway 105 truck van collided   van driver died – Jiangxi Channel – people.com.cn fire officers and soldiers are rescue van sections of the territory of State Road 105 Ji’an Wanan County, a van collided with a truck, van driver was killed. In November 22nd, Chinese network reporter from Jiangxi Wanan county fire brigade was informed, 19:45 on November 21st, the brigade received the alarm call, Wan’an County Road 105 summer to build roads, a van and a truck collided in the road on the way, the van driver was trapped inside the cab. Fire officers arrived at the scene found that van and truck were severely damaged. The deformation of damaged van cab, the driver of the van body are tightly stuck in the deformation of the driver, the driver head was injured, all have multiple injuries, no signs of life. According to the scene, fire officers and soldiers using iron collar, hydraulic rod, hydraulic shear and rescue tools to rescue the trapped driver out of the car. Due to the extrusion deformation of the cab, the space is narrow. The rescue team first used iron collar force will drive the door deformation room open, then use the hydraulic ejector rod space, the deformation of the cab to expand by hydraulic expansion, the front space widening, manual hydraulic shears expansion pliers on both sides of the trapped driver of shear expansion, a little increase trapped legs near space. Eventually, jammed the driver’s deformation of the front of the vehicle was expanded. Then, the officers and men will be careful to lift the body of the trapped driver out of the cab, and the scene handed over to the traffic police department. At present, the specific cause of the accident is still under investigation. (commissioning editor Wu Ruo and Mao Siyuan)相关的主题文章:

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