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The eleventh Golden Eagle Festival will be a grand opening of the stars look stunning entertainment borderland

The eleventh Golden Eagle Festival will be a grand opening of the stars look stunning – Entertainment Sohu detonated   2016" the eleventh Golden Eagle Festival " Sohu China TV entertainment news since 1958 since its inception, has gone through nearly one cycle. China as the most authoritative and influential Television Awards, has attracted millions of viewers attention and look forward to the twenty-eighth session of the Golden Eagle TV Art Award and the eleventh session of the Golden Eagle TV Art Festival, forthcoming in October 14th to 16 in Hunan held a grand Changsha. It is reported that this year’s "golden section" in the opening ceremony and Gala "," Internet Festival "," the closing ceremony and awards "the three main party, especially the creation of the" Golden Eagle forum "and" Golden Eagle GEC gaming Sports Festival "two major activities, television, Internet, games" three "elite gathering innovation, fusion, add more highlights for the Golden Eagle festival. Organized by the Federation of literary and art circles, China by the people’s Government of Hunan Province, China TV Artists Association, Changsha Municipal People’s government, the Hunan provincial press and Publication Bureau, Hunan radio and TV host China Golden Eagle TV Art Festival, since 2000 in Hunan Changsha, has become the largest audience, the highest degree of concern of the national TV one of the art festival. Innovation, integration, development, is one of the biggest issues in China in recent years. Eighteen years, especially the general secretary of literary work on a series of speeches, greatly inspired and encouraged the Chinese people’s confidence and determination to build a Chinese dream. It is reported that China top TV and many cross-border elite will be a gathering of many people in this year’s "golden section", through the 5 main activities, summarizes the gains and achievements over the past two years, and painted the magnificent blueprint for the future of television Chinese. At the same time, also let the audience for the Golden Eagle Festival will be held this year waiting. Look forward to a Chinese: looking back television literary prosperity and development of future innovation and integration of new pattern through more than and 50 spring China TV development today, has made considerable progress and remarkable achievements. This is a collection of fruitful generations of collective wisdom and hard China TV made, at the same time mirrors is also great brilliant Chinese civilization shine the world. The opening ceremony of the Golden Eagle Festival gala will take on the new Long March "Chinese TV" as the theme, to forget the beginning of the heart "," reflection of reality "," innovation "of the three major themes, at China TV art imagine the future prosperity and development, innovation and integration of new pattern. Look forward to two: Golden Eagle goddess of flowers who? As the focus of the Golden Eagle Festival Audience’s attention, the "Golden Eagle goddess" who will be served? Although rumors continue, but the organizers of this suspense has not been announced. According to the Hunan satellite TV related sources, the golden goddess will still follow the practice, has a high popularity in Chinese invited actress to play. The candidate has not yet been determined, the director group will be announced in due course. Three: Golden Eagle goddess how to look out? Each session of the "Golden Eagle goddess" imaginative play pictures, all become China audience impression.相关的主题文章:

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