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The ancient books category of ancient engraving why get collectors attention 7470d

The ancient books category of ancient engraving why get collectors attention of Yangzhou woodblock printing 2 Yangzhou engraving engraving printing engraving ancient collection of many categories, among them, the ancient engraving is getting more attention of many collectors. The ancient books of game player Li Xian said, because the intaglio printing in the printing history called "living fossil", therefore, a collection of ancient books is the hardcore game player who block a lifelong desire. "Although not a mass of engraving of category in the auction market is very rare, but in our circle, it is of ancient noble – mysterious, expensive and rare." The engraving of a bright future, which is called "the future of luxury". "When you really see an old engraving, which is full of traces of the years, from wear an engraving, you can feel the power of time." Director Jiang Xunru is obsessed with the engraving of the private museum Beijing museum is the evaluation of Wenjin engraving. In his opinion, a block is not only contains the culture, history and art, but also has the value of scientific research. The deposit of culture, special flavor and give years, the achievements of the ancient engraving charm. To some extent, engraving collectors more like engraving cultural heritage and the guardian. In the Renaissance era, it is bound wait for the right price to sell the pearl. And engraving engraving art also complement each other, gradually shine in the art collection stage. In the third Century began engraving can be traced back to the third Century ad in the Jin Dynasty, with paper and ink, the seal also began to pop up. In fourth Century the Eastern Jin Dynasty, stone rubbings get all-round development, it put the seal and rubbing together, then the seal expanded into a good layout, dipped in ink, after rubbing, the paper shop version of printing, is the prototype of woodblock printing. Used for printing plate engraving is rubbing, the earliest. About in the early seventh Century, the world’s earliest woodblock printing was born in the Tang dynasty. Woodblock printing needs first on paper according to the specifications required for writing, and then posted on the anti bare board, according to the text engraved embossed anti body word, this block is made. Then in the version of ink, paper shop, with a brush and then lift the paper, shuayin, has become the printing. According to records, carving layout requires a lot of labor and materials, but after the completion of the woodblock printed, it shows the superiority of high efficiency, large amount of printing. We can now see the earliest woodblock printing material, is found in Dunhuang, printed in 868 ad in Tang Dynasty woodblock printing "Diamond Sutra", printing process is very delicate. The woodblock printing prints may begin only in the folk pop, and there is a period of coexistence and manuscripts. Tang Mu Changqing four years, as Bai Juyi’s "poet Yuan Zhen Changqing collection" in the "preface to students of all the horse, as for write die Le, ye sold on the market". The mole is die moment, "Ye sell" is. This shows that the upper intellectuals of the time spread of Bai Juyi’s poetry, in addition to manuscripts, have been printed. Shen Kuo in the "Meng Xi Bi Tan said, woodblock printing has not been popular in the Tang Dynasty, from the beginning of the five generation of him, was printed" five classics". After all, the classic edition edition. To the newspaper相关的主题文章:

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