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Test data to help you choose the car car season is noteworthy suv- Sohu ca1834

Using the test data to help you choose the car Car Buying season concern SUV- automobile automobile Sohu Sohu [review a legend] arena, every September and October is the best time of the year Car Buying, commonly known as the "golden nine silver ten". This statement is not very accurate, but over the years the "anecdotal" is not a vacancy wind. Today is the weekend, is the Mid Autumn Festival holiday next week, presumably in addition to the planned trip with friends, also have a lot of friends is going to look at this time. The Top gentleman with you chat several depth we have tested several popular SUV models, SUV models are now the most fire well, hope to see when you have some help. We want to talk about the first paragraph is "Chery Jaguar Land Rover found God", listen to the name of a kind of their own to buy a lot of car feeling? (hereinafter referred to as Skywalker). Land Rover brand in China should be absolutely no less than the same as the well-known luxury brand Mercedes Benz, BMW, Audi. But it is only because of the SUV models, so there is no other luxury brands from the sale of the car so that the diversification of the more affordable. But because of this, many people think that the unconscious Land Rover SUV models are more reliable, after all, people only do this kind of professional models. In the past, because of the high price, Land Rover brand SUV seems to be far away from us. Today, Land Rover has changed ideas, and domestic enterprises Chery cooperation, to build domestic Land Rover. There will be the most close to the people, Chery Jaguar Land Rover God found God line". And its biggest feature is that we repeatedly mentioned, the price of the people first. So once daily Land Rover models, now about three hundred thousand in the bag, is the killer? Second we want to talk about the model is Audi Q3. To say that the Audi brand, it is an old friend of the Chinese people. Audi Q3 this car is characterized by following the compatibility of the luxury brand, SUV these two keywords, while the price is relatively appropriate. So, it is also more popular this year, we tested the new Audi Q3 changed face. In addition to the rear space is relatively general, this car is still quite satisfactory in other aspects. Third models is a small SUV in recent years, seems to be a small SUV. Whether it is an independent or joint venture brands have launched their own small SUV, and the shape of the small SUV are mostly more dynamic fashion design, deep love of young people. For example, SUZUKI Vitara, this is a small SUV look slightly wild, yet stylish. In addition to his appearance in addition to the characteristics of the most eye-catching, but also the same open. And the price is more in line with the psychological expectations of ordinary consumers. The fourth car is also a small SUV, Jeep free man. This is the most important model Jeep this year, before and after the listing suffered.相关的主题文章:

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