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Taxi driver while driving a female passenger grab Red Road Post Tucao always on tenterhooks pppd-175

Taxi driver while driving a female passenger grab red road always on tenterhooks post Tucao the evening of September 14th, netizen "frog Chen on the 19 floor of a" Post said: tonight a taxi home, a car driver in WeChat grab red Qiangde awfully, and caught a glimpse of 4.55 yuan. Taking into account the safety of their lives, could not help but say: "master you also play mobile phone ah?" The driver said, "I just want to make a good hair." Without language…… Never thought the driver on the road again, who knows the way did not stop, but also a variety of play voice, meet the traffic lights is the mobile phone up to play, is really a drunk always on tenterhooks. You don’t take my life seriously, at least take your own life! Netizen Chen said, more than 9 points that night, she came home from the Corporate Events site in the way when the taxi, taxi, feel the car slowly, when she thought this brother is deliberately opened slowly easy to find customers, the results found that after the car, his right hand on the wheel, left hand with a mobile phone is to grab a red envelope. I used to sit in the back, saw him grab a 4.55 yuan red envelope, after the car started, he put the phone on the console, still grab." Miss Chen said, the evening rain, she worried that the road is wet and slippery, if the driver does not pay attention, prone to accidents, and remind the driver Caution!, did not think his voice loud bang bang Huileyiju, WeChat said to the end. "On the road anyway, his hand is kept, right hand left hand on the steering wheel in the mobile phone screen brush, I see, he is watching the WeChat group in the news, some mobile phone speaker voice directly put out, he does not listen to light and brush, sometimes playing one or two characters will return it this is open to my home." Miss Chen took a shot at the time the driver was driving the phone scene, sent to the internet. Drive to play mobile phone is illegal in thousands of HD probe 24 hours to capture the maximum penalty of 100 piece buckle illegal use of mobile phone 2 to drive the process, according to the provisions of the "road traffic safety law of the implementation of the third paragraph of article sixty-second of the regulations", driving a motor vehicle shall not call answering handheld phone, watch TV, impede safe driving behavior. On the way, including eating, using a mobile phone brush WeChat, micro-blog, etc., are driving the behavior of driving safety". Traffic police said that as long as the vehicle is in the process of driving or launching the state, a single hand away from the steering wheel for other operations, are affecting traffic safety behavior. Driver not only can not play with the phone when the car, waiting for the traffic light can not play, because the driver is often distracted by traffic lights, traffic efficiency, and may even cause accidents. Moreover, not only is the drive with a mobile phone will be fined, similar to impede safe driving behavior will be punished, the afternoon of July 4th this year, a woman driver for a popsicle when driving, the traffic police fined 100 yuan note 2 points. There will be a driver with luck, think they do a little bit of private action, brush a circle of friends, clockwork WeChat, there is no steering wheel and steering wheel will not be found. In fact, this year, express has been reported in Hangzhou traffic police for driving the use of mobile phones and other traffic violations remediation. February and.相关的主题文章:

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