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Such a cold day! The man was born just ten days old boy lost the stairs www.274300.cn

Such a cold day! The man was born only ten days before the baby lost the stairs (7) evening, Shapingba Three Gorges Plaza building Loudaokou, a baby boy was a young man then discarded, thanks to the two renovation workers found, and timely alarm, police will be sent to the hospital, the proper placement of the baby. The police will hold the baby to view the surveillance control room. Ma is a decoration workers, some time ago, he and his fellow workers to undertake the Three Gorges Plaza, a building renovation of a house. At 7:30 in the evening of 7 rain, horse master and workers after work, go to the two floor of the stairs in the dark, indistinct found a red bundle corner, two people are out of curiosity, he opened the mobile phone flashlight, came to see. This look, so that two people were shocked, which actually wrapped a baby! The little guy was asleep, ignoring the outside world. Ma quickly rushed to the first floor security room, shouting security guards came to view. Picking up a child the news spread like wildfire, passing the masses by twos and threes gather, "sin yo, such a small child," which left here, the parents are too cruel "," under such a big rain, how ill do if wanderers ", we talked about all sorts of gossip. Some said that the first hold to the orphanage, some suggested dial 120, and even a middle-aged woman, to bring back their own family upbringing. Ma master several people have nothing to do, had to pick up the child, chose the alarm. The police rushed to the scene immediately after the alarm. After the observation of the scene, but the baby full moon, he does not cry not noisy, very quiet, the police opened the quilt wrapped around the baby to see, and did not find effective information. Who ever left the child here? Police puzzled, decided to check what. Then, the police put the baby to the security room bed, let the security to open air conditioning, hot air, to prevent the child catch a cold, and then open the security room, carefully check the surveillance video. A video monitor. Monitoring shows that the same day at 7:13 PM, the entrance of the building garage screen, there was a young man, thin, with an umbrella, holding something in his arms. A minute later, the man came to the tower stairs, at this time, to be able to see more clearly, the man’s bosom baby wrapped with something very similar, I saw him put the umbrella on the side, the first is to look at the stairs while two Hom, hovering around two, seems to have hesitated, and finally determined. At the two floor walk up. Half a minute later, the man was rushed to trot down, hands are absolutely empty, holding an umbrella left. Police judge, this man is likely to throw away the baby. Police immediately sent the baby to the nearest hospital Pediatrics, proper placement. Preliminary examination by the doctor, the baby is a boy, born only ten days or so, in good health. After the completion of the handover, the police will be transferred to the relevant video data area police station, continue to track the whereabouts of young men. Police remind, according to the relevant provisions of the "criminal law", for the elderly, young or other without the ability to live independently, have the obligation to support, to support, serious, five years imprisonment, criminal detention or control. The young man in the photo相关的主题文章:

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