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Sparrow is the finale is to substitute Li Yifeng to steal the spotlight kd.wuhan.net.cn

"Sparrow" is the finale is double the number of public concern Li Yifeng Qiangjing "Sina micro plastic, see more wonderful original content! Li Yifeng’s "sparrow" is about to usher in the ending, but watching always feel something is wrong, the time is not a lot of deep Chen Li Yifeng, so careful users meal grilled, finally raked up the problem: the Li Yifeng double appearance rate is quite high. I have two stills with contrast, found the gap height… Too obvious, and the two stations to turn over? Li Yifeng height gap obviously after the substitute, starring actor Wang Jinsong in micro-blog drying photos, the replacement of the body in which it was in the, although not handsome enough to grow up in the presence of…… But he was on fire! Wang Jinsong is really a bit of it, friends say a little old-fashioned…… Li Yifeng as a substitute swarm except height, head and Li Yifeng also has the gap. Although the difference is relatively large, but the surrogate brother in the play rate is not low. We count the double lens, you can recognize several? Chen Shen in order to save her injured when was brought back to the office, this is obviously not the background of Nili peak, Nili peak which has such a sharp chin! Li Yifeng double but change to face or Li Yifeng. Too fake here, can also be very obvious to see is a substitute. Substitute for the play out of the task, although only a little back, but also to be seen is not Li Yifeng, users really love deep. This figure is too obvious, Bi Zhongliang was taken to Mei organ that day, Chen deep to intercede for Bi Zhongliang when face double face deep ~ Chen secretly went to see the night ", the entire figure is a substitute to complete the! Stand in front of the long shot who are pretty, but the next can not tolerate this! Chen Shen at home to open the bottle under the bomb, when he saved the little man, ready to turn the foot of the moment, was shocked, Nili peak have so fat? Li Yifeng Plus? Can say now is the big stars of the TV is too good to make money, the stars took the astronomical paycheck but frequently using a double. Baby Zhong Hanliang before a netizen had claimed, he had to "reward" not alone set several times, found that most of the time is Angelababy (Angela Baby). In the movie, including lines, positive features are taken. A person familiar with the crew said: "Angelababy’s activities too much, and in May June was a month making half a month of play, the remaining half a month of course with a substitute; actor Zhong Hanliang took only two months of May and June, July, to make a movie so, at the same time the male heroine of the play is not more than 1 months. Also revealed that, Z took a series of small flowers and a boyfriend just broke up, as early as the filming into the clouds, but under the director had to find a substitute, a play down, featuring 2/3 double scenes. From the first, for Wu for now).相关的主题文章:

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