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Spanish scientists believe that cultural education can affect the level of lethal violence – Zhejian xpphone

Spanish scientists think education can be deadly levels of violence genetic effects — Zhejiang channel — people.com.cn original title: cultural education can affect the level of genetic lethal violence for thousands of years, mankind has been cruel killing of the same attention and debate, its origin is the object of academic research. A new study of anthropology, published last week in the journal Nature, argues that the deadly human violence is a process of human evolution. In biology, the phylogenetic tree used to represent the evolutionary relationships between species, taxonomists and evolutionists according to the relationship between the various types of biological distance, all kinds of biological placement in a tree diagram is branched, to represent the biological evolution process of concise and to the point and relationship. In the long history of evolution, people already know that violence against the same is very common in some mammals, but in some other mammals, such as bats or almost unheard of in whale. It is not yet clear, however, how much of human aggression is from our evolutionary tree. All the time, the academia has been troubled by the psychological, social and evolutionary origins of human violence, and it is difficult to clarify the relative importance of cultural and non cultural factors. The Spanish experiment arid area station researchers Almeria Jose? Maria? Gomes and colleagues, bringing together more than 4 million cases of death data, and quantified from 50 thousand years ago, from 137 genera, 1024 species of mammals, and deadly violence levels of 600 individual groups in the class. The researchers of the data from multiple sources of human and animals, and the use of phylogenetic comparison tools, prediction of interpersonal violence caused by human death ratio remained at around 2%, this data is consistent with the observed from prehistoric humans level. At the same time, the author makes a study of the difference between the level of lethal violence and the actual observed level in human history. They found that the extent of the deadly violence between men and women had changed in history, and most of the deadly violence occurred during the alternation of political and social organizations. In an accompanying article on news and opinion, scientists at the University of Reading in the United Kingdom believe that the results suggest that culture can affect the level of genetic violence that is inherited from the evolutionary process.相关的主题文章:

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