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Social security card into a shopping card 10 pharmacies were terminated Medicare eligibility www.51zxw.net

Social security card shopping card into 10 pharmacies terminated qualified Medicare designated newspaper news (reporter Zhang Ge) yesterday learned from the Municipal Social Council, after raids, Wuhan Renze pharmacy Co. Ltd., Wuhan Xin Ruikang pharmacy Co. Ltd., Wuhan Jian Xing Hall large pharmacy chain Limited company Buddha ridge shop 10 designated retail the pharmacy sale of daily necessities, cash and other serious violations, on behalf of the brush with a social security card, the termination of insurance service agreement; 55 designated retail pharmacies are on the project charges violations, suspended Medicare settlement services for 3 months. According to the individual medical insurance designated retail pharmacies, there are illegal behavior, social security card cash sale of daily necessities, for the legitimate rights and interests, protection of the insured person maintaining health insurance fund safety, the day before, the city medical center organization to deploy to the city designated retail pharmacies special inspection, and in conjunction with the area of social security agencies in the city all eligible settlement services designated retail the pharmacy dragnet inspections, the inspection of designated retail pharmacies 3112. 10 is the entry point for the termination of pharmacy Wuhan Renze pharmacy Co. Ltd., Wuhan Xin Ruikang pharmacy Co. Ltd., Wuhan Jian Xing Tong pharmacy chain Co. Ltd., Hubei good Buddha Ling Dian Ren Tang pharmacy limited forest town shop, Hubei Tongjitang Pharmacy Co Ltd Tongjitang pharmacy, Hubei Tongji building two pharmacy Co. Ltd. Dongxing village pharmacies, Hubei Zhiren pharmacy Co. Ltd. along the Hong Kong Road, Hubei Tongjitang pharmacy Co., Tazihu pharmacy, Hubei Changjiang pharmacy chain Limited company of Wuhan Peng Liu Yang Ludian, Hubei Tongjitang pharmacy limited autonomy street pharmacy.相关的主题文章:

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