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Shenzhen, a drunken car was another group of police call drunk drunk beself

Shenzhen, a drunken car was another drunk police left her "drunk" group of two unrelated people drink in the same bar, tuibeihuanzhan already want to get drunk, but when one group of people ready to go home when they found the car lost! Police investigation found that the car was another group of people away, but the other side of the matter is completely unknown. At this point, even the police are " drunk ". Pictures in November 2nd 2 a.m., Shenzhen Futian South Park police station received a public warning, a bar has stolen a red Mazda 6. According to the description of the stolen owners, the victim at the invitation of a friend to the bar party, arrived at the scene with the car keys in the wine on the table, a few people have been drinking at the bar until closing, called on behalf of the drive, but found no car keys, the car did not! The wine is all awake at once! The police found out on-site monitoring, a victim before the hour, if there are a few men come swaggeringly open the car and drove off. The video also shows that the man on the train, apparently drunk, it is like driving their own car to send a friend to go home. With the traditional sliding door car theft is not a fairly routine! Police continue investigation found that this group of people leave the driving in a bar in the same party, and theft victim vwhat. They left the bar before the victim, and take the two cars left, one of which is the red Mazda 6. After the night to follow the trail of stolen vehicles, and finally found a man driving in Dongguan. The man heard that he was suspected of stealing a car, a face of innocence, even call why? Through the scene of interrogation, the man said: the night with a group of friends in the bar. Because the next morning to see an important customer, so did not drink that night. I need to have drunk home, there are two keys of wine on the table at the time, he will take a turn to the downstairs, not easy to find the car, put a few drunk one by one home, including a living in Dongguan’s far away. Where are the car keys? The man explained that due to work needs, they often go out to negotiate business car rental. Many people drunk that night, confusion in the moment it is difficult to identify who rented the car, so the car back home. Data picture in order to further clarify the case, the police found the staff in the bar to find out the situation. The waiter recalled that night there is a detail, in the course of its service in a bar on the ground to pick up a car key, and then picked up on the bar table, the guests also said thank you! It is finally clear: Diuche victim on the table of the car keys to fall not found in the key – People are hurrying to and fro. foot to pick up after the waiter found near the bar he pulled on the table — the drunk who also did not pay attention to the car keys on the table is the reason that a friend’s car keys and left the car. The police found the Hui, is a big big oolong! The disposal of this single police police has been on duty for 40 hours…… Shenzhen evening news reporter Chen Zhangqi trainee editor Li Yitian相关的主题文章:

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