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Shanghai seed fan with more than 400 kinds of rice species China map (video) www.19ttt.com

Shanghai: with 400 kinds of seed. "Rice" Chinese map "in Shanghai Jinshan Fengjing town, a rice field size of 4 acres, 72 year old" seed many "Chen Jinxiang a piece of" China map ": in the aerial camera," Chinese contour map "of the. Each province is clear, amazing! In spring, autumn, farmers farming, but hope to have a good harvest season. The old farmer Chen Jinxiang, he not only hope to have a good harvest of rice, more let him he is rooted in his fields of patriotism, Chinese dream. Paddy field version of the map, the National Day gift Jinqiu, HuJiao town Fengjing went to the most beautiful season in a year. These days, the town of Hong Village Chen Jinxiang elderly extremely happy, because this year he carefully planted "rice Chinese map" is a success, the rice fields gradually plump, harvest soon. This so-called rice field version of the "China map", refers to the field with rice in the shape of the map of China, is a landscape. Standing height or aerial equipment overlooking Chen Jinxiang "rice Chinese map", you will not help praise: rice fields a size of 4 acres, "China map" chiseled, clear the various provinces. Not only that, in the upper left and right lower corner of the map, but also a symbol of rice were used to Fengjing town "white cow" and "Fengjing map". In fact, this year’s rice version of the Chinese map, Chen Jinxiang’s two creation. Last year, he completed the same size of the Chinese map in the same rice paddies, but this year the re planting of the "China map" outline clearer, more eye-catching color. Why do you need a map of China? Mr. Chen told us that his inspiration from the existing Jinshan District landscape – the town of Shanyang "dragon dance dream" and "auspicious fish", which "dragon dance dream" is used for rice out, while its creator is Chen Jinxiang’s son-in-law, Shanghai Jinshan peasant paintings intangible cultural heritage inheritors, painter Lu Yongzhong. Inspired by the son-in-law, Chen Jinxiang in his 30 acres of rice fields opened up to a land of 4 acres, dedicated to planting Chinese map". A piece of land in the "China map" and the adjacent, is Chen Jinxiang’s "seed hall": there is a test field he cultivated rice, last year he planted more than 300 color rice, this year the number increased to more than 400. "Chinese map" version of paddy rice seedlings, the fact is that from the "seed hall" selected. The planting process, is also quite complex: he took 3 months to draw 320 squares in 4 acres of fields, inserted under more than 1 thousand small tabs, long rope and a plurality of 500 small wooden and 500 meters mark contour, seed out more than 20 kinds of different colors of more than and 600 rice varieties. Look at this group of data, you can know that this artificial map is not a simple project. Hard work, complete the earth "Puzzle" rice, Chen Jinxiang must do a "warm-up": first in the paper and draw the China map and repeated practice, skilled after the 4 acres of land according to the proportion in the paper is divided into 320 squares. "After the division of small squares, each square in what seedlings, pendulum how contour)相关的主题文章:

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