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Shaanxi province’s state-owned assets in the western provinces ranked fourth easeljs

Shaanxi province’s state-owned assets in the western provinces ranked fourth in the country, the twelve session of the Standing Committee of the Shaanxi Provincial People’s Congress, the twenty-ninth meeting of the state-owned assets of enterprises in the management of the situation on the topic of inquiry. Provincial SASAC, the provincial development and Reform Commission, the Provincial Department of finance, the Provincial Department of human resources and social affairs and other departments responsible person at the scene to answer the questions of 14 members and deputies. How to deepen the reform of state-owned enterprises, to prevent the loss of state assets and other issues, become the focus of inquiry. Shaanxi state owned assets income? Compared with other provinces in the country at what level?" Li Shouze, member of the Standing Committee of the provincial people’s Congress, put forward his most concern. Provincial Department of Finance deputy director Liu Hongchun said, Shaanxi Province, the state-owned capital gains in net profit for the number of collection of enterprise income tax. Provincial State-owned assets income of about 1 billion yuan a year, but in the face of the province’s total assets of $3 trillion, the state-owned assets income is not high. According to the national statistical indicators in 2015, Shaanxi province in the provinces of China’s asset gains center, the fourth highest in the western provinces. Mixed ownership has become the focus of the reform of state-owned enterprises in recent years, the reform of state-owned enterprises in Shaanxi mixed ownership progress? Facing the questions of the Zhang Wenruo Committee, the provincial SASAC official said, Shaanxi province in recent years has vigorously promote the reform of state-owned enterprises of mixed ownership, with the central spirit, this year has been identified in the province 10 pilot enterprises, at the same time, the selection of the 4 pilot enterprises employee shareholding reform, in the end of this year, the reform program will be released the pilot is expected to end next year. Chairman Gu Dongwu said: "how about the average wage of employees of the state-owned enterprises in the national rankings? Shaanxi to steadily improve the level of wages of state-owned enterprises what initiatives?" In this regard, the provincial deputy minister of human resources and social Zhang Hucheng said that the wages of state-owned enterprises in Shaanxi Province in the middle level of the country, the provincial level enterprise employees per capita income is higher than the surrounding provinces of Shaanxi Province, and the GDP is basically the same in the position, but the level of income of some enterprises is relatively low, even far below the average wage in society. To this end, Shaanxi province to publish an annual corporate wage growth guidance line, the minimum wage standards, actively promote the enterprise collective wage negotiation measures such as periodic adjustment, efforts to achieve sustained and steady growth of wage of enterprise employees. Shaanxi province to prevent the loss of state-owned assets initiatives? How to implement the effect?" In this regard, the provincial Party committee deputy secretary of SASAC, discipline inspection team leader Yu Wei said that business management confusion, unscientific decision-making, leading discipline violation is a major factor leading to the loss of state assets. To avoid these problems, the provincial SASAC in recent years to improve the regulatory system, as of 2015 issued the 98 normative documents, and the full implementation of the financial supervision, audit supervision, discipline inspection and supervision and inspection, especially the supervision of board of supervisors, the past 3 years, Shaanxi Province, China enterprise puts forward 495 rectification opinions the effect is good, the province did not appear in the cases of loss of state assets. (reporter Tuo Ling)相关的主题文章:

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