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Sensible child is the most practical poor parents do not sensible 444kk.com

The most sensible child is the most sensible parents do not sensible as a parent, no one does not want their children to be sensible, obedient some, so that their less worried about. Recently, however, there is a point of view that parents suddenly shocked: the most sensible child! Some people even said, would rather have a bear child, do not a sensible child. "The crying child has the sugar to eat, but the sensible child only can complete the task earnestly, obeys the rule, strives for the sugar with the perfect performance…… Sensible child, always good to make people feel bad." A lot of people think, many labeled "sensible" label children grow up but not happy. At first glance, it seems reasonable. "Bear child" than sensible children happy? Children and bear children which is more happy, recently China youth daily social investigation center through the network questionnaire, on the 2000 for a "sensible" survey: 43.8% of respondents believe that the bear children happier and happier and that children accounted for only 19.1%. 23.1% of respondents thought they were happy. 2.4% of respondents said they are not happy. 11.8% of respondents believe that depends on the situation. In this interview, 65.3% of respondents feel that they are sensible child. There is a public institution in Beijing after 80 girls Zhang Hui (a pseudonym), from an early age to most people in the eyes of sensible children, learning good, obedient, never with their parents to this. But now she thinks back to her childhood, and the greatest feeling is only one. Go out shopping, never with their parents to toys; see delicious snacks, refrain from pretending to do not want to eat saliva; play with other children, but also take the initiative to let others…… "I am now in retrospect, a child so small, how could not eat snacks, not playing toys? How hard it is to suppress the desire of the heart to do!" When I was a child, I felt the pain and pain, and I could not wait to go back. Some children often envy those so-called "baby bear", think "baby bear" is happy, they know what they want and try to get, never grow up and often suppress their emotions and dare to pursue the dream of a group of people. See these stories to share, the Colonel could not help but want to ask parents, you will intentionally or unintentionally suppressed the children’s wishes, and finally let the children become "sensible"? "Sensible" means a considerate, considerate adults? So, in the end what does mean "sensible"? 66.3% of the respondents in the eyes of sensible understanding is for adults. In the interview, the top five of the "sensible" meaning as follows: "includes three major contents: understanding the most important sensible and considerate adults (66.3%), independent, can take care of myself (55.9%), good manners, decent behavior (52.8%). There are other common sense: (43.9%), (43.4%), educated can share the responsibility (40.8%), don’t cry, don’t lose your temper (40.5%), optimistic (35.8%), know how to express themselves (30.9%). Also.相关的主题文章:

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