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Security Taiwan posing as rich handsome Pianhun million fraud has three theft (video) www.semm.com

Security "Taiwan posing as rich handsome Pianhun million fraud has three theft of a Shanghai office worker Chen Lizhen thought he married Taiwan rich handsome, did not think her husband Wei Muhao in prison three times, the house is rented affordable housing. The most let Chen Lizhen collapse is that before her husband to help relatives and friends in the house to buy the original stock, it is also a scam, and now these about 1000000 debt pressure on her shoulders. The day before, Shanghai Pudong New Area City People’s Procuratorate has according to the defendant Wei Muhao suspected of fraud, the case will be prosecuted to the court, Wei Muhao will face up to 15 years imprisonment. Hunan married woman "Taiwan handsome" Pudong New Area people’s Procuratorate, working in a company in Shanghai, the Hunan woman Chen Lizhen met Wei Muhao in 2012, when Wei claimed to be the Taiwan Hsinchu County, an architect, the company appointed him to Shanghai to take charge of the company and the East China Design Institute of the Disney project, and produced in East China the design institute work permit. In 2013, Wei Muhao told Chen Lizhen that his contract ended and Taiwan company, the Shanghai Power Co hired him to 160 thousand yuan annual salary, office director, power company Qiedian department deputy director, also promised two years after the allocation of housing. Wei Muhao’s parents, relatives and even so, it makes Chen Lizhen believe, November 2013, Chen Lizhen and Wei Muhao will receive a marriage certificate, marriage and life are two people. In the name of investment has defrauded more than 160 in October 2014, the couple went back to his hometown in Yueyang Chen Lizhen had National Day, her Taiwan identity let Chen Lizhen home in the circle of acquaintances out of the limelight once. When the whole family in the Chen Lizhen family dinner, Wei Muhao talked about a way to get rich. Wei Muhao said, the Shanghai Power Co to buy stock internal benefits, then power company shares on the market price is 4 yuan, the stock price is 2.1 yuan, while the stock rose to 10 yuan a year later, as he’s middle, 500 thousand shares of the shares can be bought. Wei Muhao said, relatives and friends are very kind to him, want to let their relatives with money. The good news soon spread in Chen Lizhen’s relatives and friends, we have decided to continue to buy, Wei Muhao bank card money. Back and forth, a total of more than and 10 people to buy the Wei Muhao investment "yuanshigu", totaling more than 130 yuan. Wei Muhao received the money after paizhexiongfu guarantee will be good for internal original stock purchases, and will make money. We are all looking forward to a year after the stock profit. Later, Wei Muhao told his wife Chen Lizhen and their relationship in Hangzhou can buy cheap housing, but need to pay in full, on behalf of the 1629 deposit and let his wife to raise money, Chen Lizhen can only help from their parents, the whole family to borrowed a total of 240 thousand yuan, help Wei Muhao "buy", and Wei Muhao is presented the "house notice", "purchase contract" and "property card". By the end of 2015, Wei Muhao took a wife to Chongming wetland park construction project, he said that this project is responsible for their own, now at the end of the missing material, hurry to pay suppliers, again to the parents to borrow, Yu Shiyue parents again borrowed from a friend)相关的主题文章:

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