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Qinhuangdao monkeys make small head of people stealing dog out for residents. www.q1se.com

Qinhuangdao monkeys make small head of people stealing dog out for residents was lured to monkeys at the cage, but the last residents still hadn’t caught it. Newspaper reporter Zhang Liguo photo "Mahatma" outside the building on a wall. Newspaper reporter Zhang Liguo photo (reporter Zhou Lei Intern Yang Jinglin), head of people out of the dog, stealing, with community residents’ wits, since a few months ago, come to a "King", residents of the three District of Beidaihe Yang Ge Zhuang Town have a quiet life was broken. At first, the "King" and everybody can live in peace, can be a long time, this guy was a bit "King" means, do a lot of things. Skinny eat into a big fat August 19th afternoon, the reporter came to the three District Yang Ge Zhuang town. Before, the reporter was a little worried about, "a huge area, looking for a missing monkey, the difficulty is not too big." Unexpectedly, just a few minutes into the area, it had a close encounter with this guy. I saw a story squatting in the District 13 on the north side of a brick house on the roof, brown hair, from the body point of view is an adult monkey. Fellow photographers shooting raised the camera at it, but this guy isn’t the stubble, holding the chimneys leisurely, the why why, also the itch scratch. "This guy is doing too much." Filed a stir jiquanbuning district "King", the residents have a love and hate. Residents faitudo said that this "King" is the spring of this year when wandering to the District, usually it is living in the 13 building, every day to climb down the drainpipe, the quick action!" There was a big monkey in the village. At first, everyone felt very fresh. There’s no one to answer, it is also not picky, can eat from the garbage. "Summer fruits, it eat fat." Resident Mr. Qi said, "when I first came to the king is very thin, it is fat. The scourge of people did a lot of things in the beginning "Mahatma" and the residents still live in harmony, "quite awesome, run fast. People!" Residents say, can be a long time, courage is bigger, people don’t hide, also come swaggeringly, a lot of people do things "the scourge of trample on the roof solar tube, tear down the fence on the stone battlements at ordinary times, in the area of recruit cat funny dog, also steal." Mention "Mahatma" notorious "crimes" make people look helpless. This alone, can say "Mahatma" can be really very naughty, so everybody can not tolerate it on "people problems, often the child was crying, two days ago, an old man came a cropper. "Yesterday afternoon, I met him, I was scared towards grimace in pain, I nearly fell." Mr. Jiang said that the hands are disabled, if the king rushed, he really is not a rival, "the monkey bullying honest people." Catch the monkey action repeatedly failed in order to overcome the "King", residents have a headache, the way to think, the one who did not live the room and opened the window, "Mahatma" does not go in, so that residents are no more.相关的主题文章:

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