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Pokemon go or the number of players in the CIA conspiracy declined – Sohu news sorpack

"Pokemon Go" or the CIA conspiracy to decrease in the number of game player – Sohu news [Global Times special correspondent in the United States Chen Xingxing Xue Yujie] game company Niantic Labs, seems to be in line with the United States Silicon Valley startup – all overnight explosion of red law – explored for many years, there were a few attempts to show that, a product, a famous. But the company seems to be very different from other start-up companies, because its products are a very special mobile games: "Pokemon Go" (Poké mon; Go). In the world, it listed 19 days, downloads reached 50 million (ranked second in the mobile phone game needs 77 days); in the United States, it listed 5 hours on the mobile phone game charts; in Australia, too much cross game player "over the wall" rub play, cause the server to crash; in Japan, many game player driving while distracted 36, traffic accident occurred on the 3 day; in Canada, a woman filed a lawsuit against the invasion of privacy and personal relationship game; the game with US intelligence a lot…… So much, the development of its Niantic Labs exactly what kind of company? How long does it take to catch the monster? "Fever"? Front is very conspicuous, even the company name is not Bryant street of the city of San Francisco in 2, backed by the Bay Bridge, adjacent to the San Francisco Bay, there is a floor is not high (Figure). To the 2 floor, "Global Times" reporter to seek for half a day, find a discreet front, only one side sign, write "220", even the company name does not. Here is the pocket monster Go developer Niantic Labs location. With the car to car to the pier in the Bay, and People are hurrying to and fro. sunset date bridge, here gave birth to a "monster" animation and reality combine mobile phone game map. Pokemon Go’s idea originally originated from a fool’s day joke". April Fool’s day in 2014, Google released a video ad, recruit Pokemon master, is an online game, players through the Google map to find elves. Sounds familiar? Yes, in the "Pokemon Go", the game map is the reality of the scene, in accordance with the game player in the game map, in the reality of the streets, parks, river and cemetery, arresting lovely elf, and train them to fight. In 2014, for the Google April Fool’s joke, almost all users see, play, laugh, too. Only one person in mind, he is John? Hank. John was already created in the Google Niantic labs, the original intention is to position and social technology based software applications together. Niantic, the name of a whaling ship bound for California during the San Francisco gold rush. Prior to joining Google, John participated in the creation of a number of companies. One of the most famous, was created in 2001 in the geospatial software company Keyhole, to provide users with satellite images of different regions. 2004, this public.相关的主题文章:

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