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Vocational school to the leadership of ” gifts ” pay attention to the degree of fate bree daniels

Occupation school to the leadership gifts " " stress level determines the fate of occupation school to school leadership skills, value is also school students’ skills, if there is one thing for high skill reflects the school leadership, the leadership must be willing to accept, can accept the. Think about it, if the leaders put this work in the office, the school brand is how much publicity. So, to the leadership to send the gift is not a trivial matter, is related to the school brand event, is the need for careful consideration of the school. In my opinion, there are several characteristics to the work or souvenir of the leader. Mechanical school can send exquisite mechanical work, light industry school can send fashion design works, national characteristics of the school can send National crafts…… In short, to the leadership of the souvenir to reflect the characteristics of the school, help leaders remember, contribute to the spread of the brand. Two is to reflect the theme of new technologies, new skills. For the occupation school, leading to fewer opportunities for modern occupation schools don’t have deep impression on new technology and skills but also a deep understanding of the principals must seize the opportunity, through the student productions, so that they understand the connotation of new technology and new skills. Three souvenirs to be creative. The revelation of the world skills competition is that our vocational school students’ skill level is not low, but the lack of creativity. Therefore, to the leadership of the souvenirs must be creative, can not let them feel that vocational school is to cultivate low-end labor. Four souvenirs can not be too high. Too expensive, but the leadership is not easy. To be small and delicate. Five is the best souvenir story. If you tell the leadership of this souvenir is a poor mountain son, is a former street loafer production, is a national champion skill production, is a technical school melted the college students, is a short-term training school of migrant workers making, leadership will accept, and leave a deep impression. So I said, principals, seriously pondering how to send it! School leadership to discuss occupation "gifts" of art here, actually is about how to better showcase the brand connotation and the occupation of the school, let more knowledgeable leadership to the overall development of national development, support more occupation education.相关的主题文章:

Beijing since heating this year for free gas meter the card can go to a number of banks to bu www.souhu.com

Beijing: since heating this year for free   card gas meter; the number of banks to purchase gas   – Beijing channel — people.com.cn original title: since heating this year for free gas meter newspaper news (reporter Ye Xiaoyan) reporter yesterday from the city gas group was informed that, in order to improve the safety of the residents of the home, the fuel gas meter this year, the city will be large-scale replacement of old gas card table, plans this year to 150 thousand blocks from heating the user to replace the new table, "13th Five-Year" period will continue to update. The new intelligent gas meter will be greatly improved in terms of safety and convenience. Relevant responsible person told the reporter, the gas group, many district residents in the city gas card table use years longer, there are some security risks, especially the key safety grade of gas card itself is very low, easy to break." Recently, Chaoyang District gas group found boziwan area near the gas meter abnormal situation user overdraft gas, such as gas inside and outside of the residents of more than 10 thousand words, but in fact only bought more than 8 thousand words. The survey found that some residents have been in a small supermarket to buy a gas, the price is cheaper than the uniform price, buy gas stored in the card can be used normally. But in fact, is the illegal use of gas card key old, the security level is low, a single set of a gas selling system, through rewriting gas card information, the gas flows into the pockets of his money. In order to protect the interests of users, from this year, the group for the user to replace the old large-scale free gas meter. The new card’s security performance is fully upgraded, and even the key level and the same bank, can prevent tampering and destruction. In addition, the old card can only buy gas in the Bank of Beijing, the new card will gradually in the Construction Bank, postal savings bank and other banks to buy gas. Gas group will also increase self purchase gas equipment to make up for the needs of users in the non bank time to buy gas. According to the plan, this year will be 150 thousand since the early replacement of heating users, next year will be replaced by heating users from 250 thousand, and strive to be replaced within three years since the end of the heating users. "13th Five-Year" period will be gradually for non self heating users free replacement gas card table. In the replacement of gas meter and gas group will also be on the user’s home other gas facilities to carry out safety inspection, such as free replacement of old door etc.. J224 (commissioning editor Yin Xingyun and Gao Xing)相关的主题文章:

Ning Huanyu birthday party will throw a love letter to the fans surprise surprise Zhang Yangyang www.678rt.com

Ning Huanyu’s birthday will throw to the fans love friends Zhang Yangyang surprise appearance – Beijing Ning Huanyu interact with fans. The organizers for Beijing September 12 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Li Meng) 11 days, Ning Huanyu "Huan? Tour" birthday will be held in Beijing. After 3 years, Ning Huanyu always adhere to move forward in the music stage, there are many excellent works to meet with you, even get a large number of fans. The event, he not only sang the songs, and "raindrop" are shared mentality. The birthday party is divided into "green", "growth" and "transformation" and "thanksgiving" four chapters, different stages as Ning Huanyu along the way. Ning Huanyu is not only the interpretation of the "big lie", "home", "BABY I LOVE the U" and other songs, inviting fans came to the drawing, send gifts in part of the game, playing truth or dare when it is triggered bursts of screaming fans. Zhang Yangyang surprise coming. The photograph is moved by allowing a large number of fans, Ning Huanyu prepared seven letters, to throw down the doll form. More friends Zhang Yangyang surprise appearance, and Ning Huanyu sang "heart to heart". Subsequently, the fans intimate birthday cake to celebrate Ning Huanyu’s 23 birthday. (end)相关的主题文章:

The first anniversary of the wedding, Huang Xiaoming finally admitted baby pregnancy three people sopor aeternus

The first anniversary of the wedding, Huang Xiaoming finally admitted baby pregnancy: three people concerned about the public number Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! Original title: Huang Xiaoming baby: three people admit pregnant daughter-in-law Huang Xiaoming baby Huang Xiaoming Thanksgiving Travel Baby Travel Baby Travel pregnant belly was Sina entertainment news since Huang Xiaoming [micro-blog] angelababy and his wife married, not only was the friends all spawned media every now and then burst out Baby pregnancy rumors. In October 8th, Huang Xiaoming through the micro-blog sun and his wife travel loving figure, generous recognition of pregnancy Baby. The evening of October 8th, Huang Xiaoming through the micro-blog sun and his wife Baby loving back photos, and the Annunciation said: "three people travel together, even after many times, Thanksgiving, daughter-in-law!" Acknowledge Baby pregnancy. In the photo, the couple two people sitting on a yacht, Huang Xiaoming topless, Baby in his arms, the picture is very sweet. The good news for micro-blog after exposure, prompting users have onlookers and message, said: "the baby is a small baby, blessing!!!" "Congratulations, you got a little yellow!" It is reported that Huang Xiaoming and the October 8, 2015 wedding in Shanghai and Baby, after a lapse of one year, Huang Xiaoming micro-blog announced that his wife was pregnant, when dad got upgraded Baby, no wonder netizens said envy happiness so suddenly. (I am MIHR) (commissioning editor: shining) for more details, please pay attention to female @ Sina (micro-blog)相关的主题文章:

Han Geng wants to fit SJ by face response do self recording pen www.555kfc.com

Han Geng wants to fit SJ by face response: do self recording pen? Former SJ12 member Han Geng Tencent entertainment news artist Han Geng was the Han group Super Junior (SJ) one, became the first debut in South Korea Chinese, but in 2010 because of "stand injustice League" announced solo, so many fans shocked. He had previously interviewed but admitted in his debut 10 years, called EP to fit the old comrade in arms, but the other company recently responded "no phone", the studio responded "if there are years back, we will bring a recorder". Han Geng studio issued a document that, like the issue of cooperation after 10 years EP this matter, set in 2015 Spring Festival and former partner at the reunion of the phone, Han Geng filed 2 months ago in an interview, he was questioned in the face of the press speculation, clarify the studio, as an artist, "asked sensitive questions, answer will be made of the" even know the entertainment ecosystem, but definitely not accept "distorting the truth, but not boring to a nonexistent telephone invented for speculation". In addition, Han Geng revealed that during this period of time to develop, but not to suffer tattle and prate attack, the malicious comments always held the laugh at practice, but now even the artist honest answers, but still public opinion fermentation, "shall have their own recording artists in private dinners to chat on the phone", a but the speech to the fans very distressed.相关的主题文章:

Bid farewell to the era of PC forum NetEase announced that it would stop the forum service remonstrate

Bid farewell to the era of PC forum NetEase announced that it will stop the forum service Beijing daily news (reporter Fang Binnan, Jiang Hong) following the closure of the NetEase community, NetEase micro-blog services, NetEase forum also announced yesterday will stop service. This means that NetEase also chose to leave the era of PC forum. Yesterday, the NetEase forum issued a notice to stop the service, saying that due to the needs of the development of the media business NetEase, have to regret to inform you that the NetEase forum will stop service in October 19, 2016. Before the official stop of the forum NetEase will provide a collection of memories package service, can be a key package to download each user’s personal articles and historical collections. At the same time, notice that in the future, through the NetEase, NetEase, NetEase, news client thread, and other products, hope to continue to provide interactive content service for users. NetEase forum was founded in 1999, is the establishment of an earlier forum products. The forum is a very popular social networking tools in the PC era, but in recent years with the mobile application rich dim. As early as December 2012 NetEase forum derivatives NetEase community announced the cessation of operations, and NetEase micro-blog also in 2014 to stop the service. The NetEase forum closed, insiders said that the forum products have been marginalized, user discussion of news content NetEase can also appear in other forms, therefore, this adjustment is to streamline the business, there are benefits for the NetEase focused on news client and other content products. The following is the original announcement: NetEase forum to stop the service announcement dear friends: NetEase media business development needs, we regret to inform you that the NetEase forum will stop the service in October 19, 2016. Since 1999, the NetEase was founded on our forum, hundreds of millions of netizens never abandon, always be grateful. Now stand in the pavilion side, we have found that in the face of hundreds of millions of faces, originally sometimes even a simple "goodbye", so it is not say. "The green, may my heart, but for the sake of you. So far, Cao Mengde pondered" with "Book of Songs" poems to describe the desperate mood sentence, put in here, even so appropriate — but the most important thing in our mind is the brow, user experience. Because we care about the feelings of each forum users, before deciding in the weeks and months to calculate the product life cycle of the industry, and then extend the lifeline of this old product. But sometimes, just the right to leave, the feast is more valuable than the feast, because in your heart, I always leave the best memories of each other. Before the official stop of the forum NetEase services, we will provide the memory package collection service, can be a key package to download each user’s personal articles and historical collections. The future, through the NetEase, NetEase, NetEase to keep abreast of news client, and other products, we hope to continue to provide excellent content of interactive services to friends in the new world, continue to play happily together. NetEase forum September 19, 2016相关的主题文章:

Xia Baolong visit condolences to the people in Hangzhou, convey the cordial care of general s ffrrr.com

Xia Baolong in Hangzhou to visit condolences to the citizens of   convey Solicitude — local leadership, people.com.cn original title of general secretary Xi Jinping: "I am for the summit summit as I add style of colorful" September 10th afternoon to evening, the provincial Party Secretary, the provincial people’s Congress Chairman Xia Baolong in Hangzhou to visit condolences to the public, to convey the solicitude of general secretary Xi Jinping thanks to the general public for special contribution to the summit, inspire the people of the province to care for the general secretary of the power, make full use of the summit will bring huge opportunities and precious spiritual wealth, in practice, to "dry at the forefront, Li Yong forefront". Xia Baolong came home in the United community, visit condolences to the community residents. G20 summit held by the opportunity, the community to the existence of more than 10 years of illegal buildings demolished, after the renovation of the community environment has been significantly improved, more than 180 residents of the community to become volunteers, including the couple volunteers have a pair of 15. "We’re very proud of the G20 in Hangzhou, and we want to do something for the summit." See Xia Baolong, the residents are eager to talk with him. Xia Baolong expressed his gratitude to him, he said, the G20 summit held in Hangzhou, full of the people of Hangzhou, the province’s efforts and pay. Xi Jinping, general secretary of the summit was successfully held to give full recognition, highly praised, praised the general public in Hangzhou, the overall situation, made an important contribution to the summit. We must pass the care of the general secretary to the cadres and the masses, into the power to do their jobs, the city built more beautiful, live a better life. Xia Baolong also came to the Huarun store in the vanguard, understand the situation after the summit supply market. In the supermarket shopping environment, especially in the Mid Autumn Festival approaching, all kinds of parity moon cake a superb collection of beautiful things. Xia Baolong from time to time to ask a salesperson of commodity prices and sales, he wish everyone a Happy Mid Autumn Festival, and asked the person in charge of shopping malls, "double" approaches, carefully organize the source of goods and services to ensure that goods and good intentions, excellent service, let the people have a Happy Mid Autumn Festival and national day holiday. During the summit, West Lake city’s glittering, beautiful, "best memories in Hangzhou" wonderful performances, stunning the world, the heads of state of Hangzhou to rave reviews, Chinese and foreign tourists to Hangzhou admiration. Xia Baolong came to Zhongshan in the middle of Zhejiang, China Travel Agency, to understand the latest situation of the tourism market. The travel agency responsible person said that since September 6th, the registration to Hangzhou province and overseas tourists in a continuous line, booking volume 1.5 times more than last year. Xia Baolong asked them to continuously improve the level of service and reception capacity, make good use of the G20 summit brings tourism business opportunities, and strive to receive more Chinese and foreign tourists, enlarge the positive effect of the summit. He also asked the city of Hangzhou and the province carefully and conscientiously do a good job of Tourism Organization and coordination, and maintain the order of the tourism market, to ensure the safety of tourists comfortable. G20 summit to build innovation, vitality, linkage, inclusive of the world economy, the theme coincided with the direction of economic restructuring and upgrading in Zhejiang. Xia Baolong took this proposition to Wensli group. Wensli Group official told Xia Baolong, they produce silk products show the great charm of Hangzhou silk to foreign guests, now enterprises ushered in before)相关的主题文章:

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