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Oral I have been married Frence leave her husband after marriage, he returned to others visualboyadvance

Oral: Frence leave her husband after marriage, he returned when I married the number of public concern "Sina micro plastic, see more wonderful original content! When I married my husband for third months, I told him I was pregnant. My husband took me to a big dinner that day. The next day on the choice of the Frence leave. The husband came home at that time, many people, including me and his parents are looking for him everywhere, and also reported the matter, but no news. It was a great blow to me, because in my opinion, the husband disappeared somehow. After three months, still no news of her husband, and my stomach gradually began to uplift, at this time, parents and my parents also have learned about my pregnancy. They mean: the child was born, they care; my parents’ attitude: my husband is not responsible for the child destroyed unilaterally, sued for divorce. In the end, I chose to listen to my parents. Then, for the past ten years, I have formed a new family, but her ex husband suddenly came into my world with million dollars. He explained the Frence leave is no longer married, he and I had a heated argument, at that time, I said he didn’t ability. In fact, I couldn’t remember the content of the quarrel, but he took it seriously. So after that I was pregnant, he chose Frence leave. Because he had long wanted to: to go abroad to gold. He also told me that when he first went abroad, because there is no household registration, living an inhuman life. Many times he wanted to give up, but in order to earn more money to prove himself, so we adhere to the teeth for so many years. In fact, he went abroad for second years to call me, but can not contact me (I did change the phone number). I did not expect her ex husband Frence leave the truth turned out to be such a. Despite his promise, if I am willing to divorce him, he must be able to let go, but I know, we have to come back again, because I love my husband, I also love and now husband. At present, in the face of her ex husband’s entanglement, I do have some guilt, want to ask, how can I do, in order not to affect my existing marital happiness on the basis of the damage to her ex husband to a minimum? Muzi Li Da Reader: don’t you think your ex husband is flawed? 1) the quarrel said in mind; 2) in order to prove that they can actually make money Frence leave. If, when he was away from home, to confess to you: he just went abroad to make money, you will not worry about him, but not to deal with the child, and will not divorce him. It was because of his Frence leave, resulting in such a big change your fate. He took it for ten years, you set up a happy family, but he let his parents very worried about ten years. From this point of view, he is not selfish enough, not cruel? Or is it an act of an adult? Because of his absurd, to lose the marriage, so you don’t need to feel guilty for this thing, because for any相关的主题文章:

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